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Bathroom Furniture Units

Bathroom furniture comes in all shapes and sizes because bathrooms do too. We all have different shaped rooms to fill and we all have different styles and designs to match with so it’s important that a whole variety of units are available. Luckily we stock a number of utterly flawless ranges of bathroom furniture to ensure that all our customers can improve their bathroom design without breaking the bank in the process. You can take your pick from vanity units, combination units, wall hung or freestanding units and even radiator covers if you fancy them. Either way we’ve got something to suit all bathrooms whether it be the family room, an ensuite or even a simple cloakroom suite.

  1. Vanity Units

    Vanity Units

    168 products
    From £79.99
  2. combined-vanity-units-with-toilet

    Combined Vanity Units With Toilet

    54 products
    From £259.00
  3. wall-hung-bathroom-furniture

    Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

    12 choices
    From £149.00
  4. freestanding-bathroom-furniture

    Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

    137 products
    From £79.99
  5. easy-flat-pack-bathroom-furniture

    Easy Flat Pack Bathroom Furniture

    13 choices
    From £84.99
  6. Bathroom Drawers

    Bathroom Drawers

    26 products
    From £79.99
  7. Radiator Covers

    Radiator Covers

    12 choices
    From £44.99