Bath Mixer Taps

Whether you have a new bath or want to update your existing one, adding some shiny new bath mixer taps is the perfect finishing touch! Neatly combining both your hot and cold faucets into one neat unit, these mixer taps have a number of benefits, allowing you to easily control the temperature of your bath water while filling it up quickly and easily.

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What are mixer taps?

Mixer taps are a single tap that draws from both the hot and cold water supplies. It mixes them to flow together out of a single spout unlike the more traditional tap method in the UK which draws water through separate hot and cold taps, keeping the flow separate.


How does a mixer tap work?

Like the name suggests, a mixer tap mixes a hot and cold water supply in a valve to reach your chosen temperature before it reaches the spout. You are able to set the water temperature as it flows from the taps, making it easier for t running a bath, washing or shaving.


Are all bath mixer taps a standard size?

The taps themselves, what you see above the basin or on the bath, can be different sizes, such as a handle or spout. However, taps, regardless of type, are made to standard dimensions for pipes etc, but you will need to check the hole distances of your current or old baths or basins, in case mixer taps are not compatible.


How to install bath mixer taps?

Unpack your tap after delivery and check for any damage or faults before you start with installation. Check for any instructions with your taps.

Then, as always, turn off your water at the mains before attempting any bathroom DIY.


Remove Your Old Tap

Once the water supply is switched off, you need to remove your old tap. Look under the bathtub to find two flexible tap connectors from the internal plumbing in your wall, up into the tap. Disconnect these connectors using an adjustable wrench to remove the tap.

Undo the nut from below that holds the tap in place. Once the nut and any washers have come off, your old tap will lift out of the tap holes. Use a wet cloth to clean the bath surface and remove any dirt and grime from the old tap.

Hold in Place
Hold the new tap upright and fix a washer to the bottom of it.

Screw in
Screw the flexible tap tails - these connect up the hot and cold water feeds - into the tap body and tighten by hand. Then, screw the fixing studs into the bottom of the tap.

Position in Place
Position the tap over the tap hole of your bath basin or countertop and make sure that it’s at a 90-degree angle to the bath rim. Lower the flexible tap tails - or connectors - and fixing studs through it.

Washers & Plates
Below the tap hole, attach a washer and a retaining plate onto the fixing studs to keep the tap in place.

Nuts & Studs
Screw the back nuts onto the fixing studs by hand, this is a manual job. Then, if you’re happy the tap is in the correct position, tighten the nuts ensuring you don’t damage the bath.

Check for Leaks
Turn the water back on at the mains and check for any leaks. If you do have any leaks, check the connectors/flexible tails and tighten them.

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