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Bar Showers

Bar showers feature slimline controls and a compact size that make them an excellent choice for small bathrooms. As they take up such little space, bar mixer showers are also an ideal selection for over the bath showers. They’re incredibly practical and easy to use too. Diverter, temperature and flow controls are all situated within the bar valve, making fine-tuning your ideal showering experience hassle-free. All of our bar showers feature stunning modern styling teamed with striking chrome finishes, guaranteeing an instant upgrade to your bathrooms design. Finally, thermostatic technology ensures the temperature remains consistent, letting you enjoy a deeply relaxing showering experience.

  1. single-outlet-bar-showers

    Single Outlet Bar Showers

    15 products
    From £72.73
  2. two-outlet-bar-showers

    Two Outlet Bar Showers

    21 products
    From £84.99
  3. black-bar-showers

    Black Bar Showers

    4 choices
    From £124.00
  4. Aqualisa Bar Showers

    Aqualisa Bar Showers

    5 choices
    From £139.92
  5. Triton Bar Showers

    Triton Bar Showers

    7 choices
    From £72.73
  6. Architeckt Bar Showers

    Architeckt Bar Showers

    3 choices
    From £84.99
  7. merano-bar-showers

    Merano Bar Showers

    10 choices
    From £99.99
  8. Mira Bar Showers

    Mira Bar Showers

    13 choices
    From £110.06
  9. Bar Shower Mixer Fixing Kits

    Bar Shower Mixer Fixing Kits

    4 choices
    From £10.49