If you're tired of your unsatisfactory rubber plug and want an effective and easy to use basin waste, then look no further! The Architeckt Square Trap & Basin Waste is just what you're looking for! This bottle trap and basin waste is ideal for anyone who is going for a modern and sleek look in their bathroom. Constructed from the highest quality solid brass, it's durable and long-lasting.


What are bottle traps?

A bottle traps job is to contain the horrible gases produced by dirty water that builds up in your bathroom pipes. The waste water is drained away while clean water is left in the lower section of the trap. The clean water stops gases from the waste water returning back up the pipe and into your bathroom.


How do I keep it clean?

Simply undo the bottom part of the bottle trap and rinse it out. Then when dry, just screw it into position.


Features and benefits (Bottle Trap):

  • A square 35mm bottle trap.
  • Constructed from solid brass so it’s robust and enjoys a long life.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Service condition 2
  • C/W 300mm extension tube
  • 76mm seal


Architeckt Square Basin Waste

The basin waste is composed of our finest brass then finished in the shiniest of chrome. It will fit into any plughole measuring 1.25 inches across, which covers most of the bathroom sinks in the UK. The square detailing on the waste is unusual, and will give that extra quirky designer touch to your bathroom sink.


Features and benefits (Basin Waste):

  • Brass body
  • 1 1/4" BSP x 89mm length x 2 7/16" flange with plastic back nut


Don't use abrasive cleaners when cleaning these products.

Techincal Drawings

Architeckt Square Bottle Trap & Basin Waste

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