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Architeckt Accessories

Architeckt showers have always been a big player in the bathroom industry but occasionally parts do need to be replaced which is why we endeavour to have as many spare parts available so you can keep your shower in tip top condition for longer. Within our range of shower accessorises we keep shower heads, shower handsets, shower hoses, shower handset grips and of course full shower kits. They are also compatible with other brands of shower so you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune.

  1. architeckt-shower-heads

    Architeckt Shower Heads

    7 choices
    From £19.49
  2. architeckt-shower-hoses

    Architeckt Shower Hoses

    3 choices
    From £7.99
  3. architeckt-shower-handset-grips

    Architeckt Shower Handset Grips

    4 choices
    From £8.79
  4. architeckt-shower-kits

    Architeckt Shower Kits

    4 choices
    From £17.49