This bottle trap from our Architeckt range is both functional and stylish. It will fit snugly under your basin, doing its job and leaving you to appreciate its efficiency. It’s ideal for a wall mounted basin where the bottle trap may be on show as its style clean-cut appearance won’t look out of place.


  • A 35mm square bottle trap.
  • Constructed from solid brass so it’s robust and enjoys a long life.
  • Chrome plated.
  • Service condition 2
  • C/W 300mm extension tube
  • 76mm seal

Please note: Do not use abrasive cleaners when cleaning this product.

What exactly is a bottle trap?

You may not see them in action all that often, but bottle traps help your bathroom’s plumbing and drainage systems run efficiently. The task of a bottle trap is to trap gases that are produced by waste water and other waste that accumulates in your homes pipes and from the sewer system leading from it. The wastewater is taken away by a pipe while clean standing water is kept in the bottom half of the bottle trap. The job of the clean water is to stop gases from the wastewater coming back up the pipe into your home. That eliminates any nasty smells that may have occurred.

Keeping it clean.

Simple unscrew the bottom section of the trap from the main body and give it a rinse. After it dries, screw it back into place.

CE Approved

Techincal Drawings

Architeckt 1 1/4" Square Bottle Trap

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