Aqualux Pro 2505 Towel Rail 600mm

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Aqualux Pro 2505 Towel Rail 600mm

Everyone needs a towel rail in their bathroom, and if you lack the space needed for a large freestanding rail or a larger heated one, then this elegant Aqualux Pro towel rail is ideal for your bathroom. Measuring 600mm, it gives plenty of hanging space for a couple of towels, and can easily be fitted at any height on the wall so is suitable for any size of bathroom, even those with restricted space.

High Quality Nickel Finish


All of the products in the Aqualux Pro range are made from brushed nickel plated brass, which gives a smooth finish which isn’t too shiny. The design is plain and simple, which means that the towel rail will fit into any bathroom interiors style, and has the added bonus of making it easy to install and maintain. Take a look at the rest of our range of Aqualux Pro bathroom accessories to complete the look in your bathroom.

CE Approved

Aqualux Pro 2505 Towel Rail 600mm

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