Aqualisa Visage Digital Showers

Promotion applies to all Aqualisa Quartz Digital, Q, iSystem Digital & Visage Digital showers purchased between now and the 31st of December. Click here for more info

Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers provide you with all of the perks or smart showering combined with a stunning, modern designs. The valves either exposed or concealed and for properties with lower water pressure a pumped version is also available for a boost of power. If this wasn’t enough then you can even start your perfect shower with a remote control which can be positioned in almost any location up to 10 metres away. Embrace smart showering technology and you’ll never know how you coped without it!

  1. high-pressure-combi-aqualisa-visage-digital-showers

    High Pressure / Combi Aqualisa Visage Digital Showers

    5 choices
    From £316.98
  2. Aqualisa Visage Digital Pumped Showers

    Gravity Fed / Pumped Aqualisa Visage Digital Showers

    5 choices
    From £357.00
  3. aqualisa-visage-digital-valves-controllers

    Aqualisa Visage Digital Valves & Controllers

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    From £59.98