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Aqualisa proudly states that they’re ‘the home of sensational showering’ and we couldn’t agree more. Since 1977 this Kent-based company have been on the leading edge of design and technical development in the showering world, consistently bringing innovative designs to the market that have resulted in incredible success for the company. While early success came with a revolutionary thermostatic shower valve, they have since gone on to become pioneers of digital showers and have developed an image as a trusted brand. With Aqualisa you can be sure you’re getting an unrivalled quality that only comes from constant testing and innovation and we’re proud to be able to offer these showers at some of the best prices on the market. Sleek design and smooth operation are staples of the Aqualisa brand, with easy-to-master controls so the user can modify every facet of a glorious showering experience.

  1. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

    From £49.01
    with 17 choices

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers
  2. Aqualisa Aquastream Power Showers

    From £385.03
    with 3 choices

    Aqualisa Aquastream Power Showers
  3. Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers

    From £45.83
    with 8 choices

    Aqualisa Visage Digital Mixer Showers
  4. Aqualisa Quartz Electric Showers

    From £127.40
    with 5 choices

    Aqualisa Quartz Electric Showers
  5. Aqualisa Midas 300 Bar Showers

    From £189.97
    with 1 choices

  6. Aqualisa Colt Mixer Showers

    From £203.02
    with 1 choices

    Aqualisa Colt Mixer Showers
  7. Aqualisa Midas Plus Bar Showers

    From £189.97
    with 1 choices