Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

37 reviews

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The most powerful power shower available, delivering up to 18 Litres of water per minute, that’s a whopping 28% more water than a Mira Vigour or Triton AS2000XT!

Uses Aqualisa patented Bi-Metallic Coil technology to ensure the best temperature stability of any Power Shower and it comes with a 3 year warranty as standard, which is 3 times longer than Mira or Triton Power Showers.

Aqualisa Aquastream Powerful Showers


The UK’s Most Powerful Power Shower

The Aquastream has flow rates of up to 18 litres per minute. That's 12.5% more than the closest competitor and 28% more than most standard power showers

Thermostatic Temperature Control


Maintains Constant Temperature In All Conditions

Standard showers can have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet.

Thermostatic control means that this shower will hold its temperature steady at all times. It dynamically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water offsetting the everyday changes in water pressure experienced in most family homes.

aquastream transformer

The UK's Safest Power Shower

The Aquastream uses a transformer to reduce the voltage powering the motor from mains 230 Volts down to a much safer 12 Volts. It is the only power shower in its class to feature this extra safety protection. All Mira and Triton Power Showers run directly off Mains 230 Volts!


Engineered To Prevent Limescale Build Up

Limescale is the enemy of many conventional showers. Over time it can build up and even cause mechanisms to seize. One of the benefits of Aqualisa Thermo mixer showers is the inbuilt resistance to limescale designed into the operating mechanism of the valves.

Aqualisa Aquastream Replacements and Upgrades


Perfect For Replacements and Upgrades

The clever, surface-mounted nature of the shower’s pump means that Aquastream™ is ideal for shower replacements and upgrades

Aqualisa Aquastream Replacements and Upgrades

One-Handed Height Adjustment With The Pinch Grip Slider

The unique Aqualisa pinch grip slider makes adjusting the height of your shower effortless, even with soapy hands and shampoo in your eyes!

Aqualisa Aquastream Eco Pump Setting


Save Water With The Eco Pump Setting

If you don’t need all the power that the Aquastream has to offer you can switch to Eco mode.

On this setting the Aquastream uses just 10 litres of water a minute, that’s 37% less water than a Mira Event and 28% less than a Mira Vigour or Triton AS2000XT.

Harmony Ecospray

Water Saving 'Eco' Shower Heads

Some water-saving shower heads aerate the flow of water to deliver the ‘illusion’ of bubbles, but Aqualisa weren’t prepared to compromise the way your shower looks or feels. Harmony™ heads use intelligent design to deliver a fuller spray whilst allowing you to make water savings of up to 25%.

When the ‘eco’ spray on a Harmony™ shower head is selected, the shower head concentrates and angles the spray from its two outer rings. The result is a spray pattern that is refreshing and generous yet incredibly efficient in terms of water consumption

Harmony Shower Heads


4 Spray Patterns

The new Harmony head for Aqualisa showers is perfect for showering any time of the day. With 4 to choose from you’ll always have the right combination of invigoration or relaxation.

Who needs a spa day when you’ve got a shower like this?

Harmony Antitwist


Anti-Twist Shower Hose

Twisted shower hoses restrict the water flow from your shower.  With Aqualisa anti-twist technology they are no longer a problem. You can take your shower head out the holder without it flailing around and trying to escape! Anti-twist technology ensures the best possible water flow and extends the life of your shower hose.

Aqualisa Harmony Rub Clean Nozzles


Rub Clean Shower Head Nozzles

With a Harmony shower head the days of soaking in vinegar to remove limescale are gone! The brilliantly designed nozzles can simply be rubbed clean with you hand to remove any residue that may have built up.


Competitor Comparison

Aqualisa Aquastream Features Comparison

3 Year Parts & Labour Guarantee

All Aqualisa showers are built with quality materials to the highest engineering specifications which allows this model to be backed with a comprehensive 3-year guarantee.

This gives you access to Aqualisa’s dedicated UK Customer Care team and rapid response specialist engineers who will assist quickly and professionally if you need them.

Unlike many other manufacturers, Aqualisa’s guarantee covers all parts and labour costs associated with any fault. Just register your purchase with Aqualisa to activate your 3 year warranty.

In comparison Mira and Triton power showers only have a 12 Month Warranty


Technical details:

  • Only to be used with gravity water systems.
  • For the minimum required pressure, the highest part of the shower head must be below the underside of the cistern.
  • Maximum required pressure: 1 bar.
  • Pipework entries can be found on the top, bottom and rear of the shower unit.
  • Valve inlet centres: 65mm.
  • Push-fit inlet fitting connections are 15mm. Inlet supply positions are cold on the right and hot on the left.
  • Outlet connection: ½” BSP.
  • Be aware: A built-in pump is incorporated into the shower unit to provide the flow boost. This means that the shower is only to be used on a gravity fed water system and CANNOT be used on a high-pressure water system.

Flow rates:

  • Normal flow position: 10 litres per minute. (2.2 Gallons Per Minute)
  • Boost flow position: 18 litres per minute. (4.0 Gallons Per Minute)

Electrical requirements:

  • A 3amp fused spur.
  • A/C.
  • Low voltage transformer mains cable length: 2m. (6ft 6 Inches)
  • Low voltage transformer low voltage cable length: 4m. (13ft 2 Inches)

Valve dimensions:

  • Height: 320mm. (12.6 Inches)
  • Width: 180mm. (7 Inches)
  • Depth: 160mm from finished wall (6.3 Inches)

Rail system dimensions:

  • Length: 565mm. (22.2 Inches)
  • Diameter: 25mm. (1 Inch)
  • Depth: 290mm from wall (11.4 Inches)
  • Rail fixing centres: 523-529mm. (20.6 - 20.8 Inches)
Aqualisa Thermacoil


Trustpilot Ratings For Aqualisa



Customer Reviews on Trustpilot Correct at May 2018

CE Approved

Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White Video

Aqualisa Best Brand

Leaders in Innovation
Invented the famous Bi-Metallic Thermostatic valve in the 1970’s, featured on Tomorrows World
Created the World’s first Digital Shower - Quartz Digital in 2001
Inventors of the first Smart ShowerAqualisa Q in 2017
Winner of the Queens Award for enterprise (Innovation)


Award Winning Products
Quartz Digital - ‘Best Consumer Product’ at the UK Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards
Quartz Electric - ‘Which’ Best Buy Award for Electric showers 2017 - ‘The best shower by far’
Quartz Electric - Winner of Red Dot Design Award


Quality UK Manufacture
Manufactured to the highest quality in England Since 1977
Over 40 years experience manufacturing showers at its plant in Westerham Kent


Exceptional Customer Service
Industry leading product warranties up to 5 years backed by dedicated team of skilled rapid response engineers
UK Top 50 Companies Customer Awards 2017
Trust Pilot Customer Rating of Excellent


Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

Aqualisa Aquastream Thermostatic Power Shower White

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£409.52 (Inc. VAT)

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37 Product Reviews

  • J Lucas
    5/ 5

    There was an Aqualisa Aquastream when we first moved in and we were delighted with it until it needed replacing a few years later. Now that the replacement has packed up, I decided to go back to an Aquastream. Easy to fit with a low voltage transformer rather than a direct mains connection. The clean lines of the Aquastream make it a smart addition to the shower. The new style shower head gives a wide selection of spray patterns and works well on normal output. When the boost is selected the strength of spray is terrific! Quiet in operation compared to the previous shower we had. New style hose in white is also an improvement over the usual silver ribbed version. Delighted to have gone back to Aquastream and its even better than before.

  • Supahoopsa
    5/ 5

    I bought this shower as a like-for-like replacement for a 13 year old Aquastream shower. Unfortunately the drill holes are in different places and the top fitting of the pipes are also different. The template supplied is fine if fitting new pipes, but having existing ones still in place makes fitting rather tricky. As for the quality of the shower - I am VERY happy. Very quiet motor and 4 different shower head options make this an excellent power shower. Great communications combined with very prompt delivery and a more than competitive price means that Plumbworld will probably be the first place I look in future. b

  • Brylee Cannon
    5/ 5

    I bought this shower unit to replace an older Aqualisa Powerstream. The original shower was 10 Years old and had started to leak. I had no hesitation in buying another Aqualisa partly because I thought it would be a straight swap for the original. The new shower was an upgrade to a thermostatic control and a two stage pump(low and high speed) It didn't line up with the existing screws but the plumbing was identical. the whole job was complete in Half a day. This shower is a great all in one unit and delivers power to challenge more complicated installations at an acceptable noise level.

  • Mr John Williams
    5/ 5

    I had an original Aqualisa Aquastream Power shower for 25 years and when it died I replaced it with the new model. Fitting was not straight forward as the top inlet pipes on the new shower were much wider apart so the pipework had to be altered and the fixing holes for the body also had to be redone and as the body is smaller than the original it was difficult to cover the original fixing holes. That said the new shower is fantastic and the temperature control redesign is much better.( I hope it lasts as long as the original one. lol.)

  • Taliyah Wilcox
    5/ 5

    When we had our bathroom fitted,about 12 or 13 years ago,our fitter recommended we have an Aqualisa shower as they are very reliable,easy to fit,and spares are readily available.It lasted 8 years before anything went wrong and I got the part on the internet ,had it fitted and it lasted another 4 years.It finally died the other week so we bought another Aqualisa shower,had it fitted and hope that this shower lasts as long!

  • the-pilgrim
    5/ 5

    This shower was purchased as a replacement for an earlier Aqualisa shower purchased some 13 years earlier. The original shower had been in constant use over that period but recently had begun to run out of life. We thought it had done extremely well over its life and were happy to purchase another. we trust that this will be even better than the earlier model. Great showers!

  • Patrick Winters
    5/ 5

    We already had an Aqualisa shower in our bedroom so when the Mira packed up in the bathroom, there was only one choice for the replacement, yes, another Aqualise.We are very pleased with the shower product, it's so quiet and very efficent an excellent choice well recommented, value for money..our second Aqualise was only installed to-day.

  • Finnegan Ruiz
    5/ 5

    The title isn't a play on words about the product. The shower itself is excellent. We bought this as a replacement for an earlier model Aqualisa that we reckoned had lasted us 12 years. Fitting for us was relatively simple as we reused wiring and pipework, if you're confident with plumbing/electrics this would an easy fit

  • ExTech592
    5/ 5

    The title isnt a play on words about the product. The shower itself is excellent. We bought this as a replacement for an earlier model Aqualisa that we reckoned had lasted us 12 years. Fitting for us was relatively simple as we reused wiring and pipework, if youre confident with plumbing-electrics this would an easy fit

  • Winston Gould
    5/ 5

    I bought this product to replace my previous Aquastream shower which was over 15 years old and I'm really pleased with its performance; the shower is not only more compact and smarter in design but it also runs a lot quieter and I can't fault it in any way.

  • Rylee Phil Dixon
    5/ 5

    Exact duplicate replacement for a unit that failed after about 10 years of use. Works as described, this unit has a better/more reliable waterproof switch mechanism than the previous design (I know because I replaced that part on the previous model).

  • Wazzanova
    5/ 5

    We already had one of these in our bathroom when we moved in, but it had been there for some time. This shower is so good that we did a like for like replacement. It is pricey, although plumbworld do a really good price in comparison to other sites

  • Jaygo
    5/ 5

    Advised by our plumber to consider an Aqualisa power shower we made an excellent choice with this model. It is neat,so user friendly and a cinch to select exactly each individuals choice of volume and spray preference.

  • Sarah
    5/ 5

    We purchased a replacement aqualisa aquastream as the old one was about 12 years old. The new model is much quieter and we liked the new shower head and overall design of the product.

  • Graham
    5/ 5

    We purchased this shower unit to replace the identical unit that had lasted over 10 years. It has been updated and has a slicker look and better hose to allow cleaning.

  • Stefan Konarski
    5/ 5

    extremely reliable and easy to service shower unit. only being replaced because of update to bathroom. replacement is a newer version of the same shower unit.

  • sunshine
    5/ 5

    I was very pleased with my new shower, arrived promptly and was packed very securely I would definitely recommend this shower and this company.

  • GB
    5/ 5

    This is the second Aqualisa Aquastream we have purchased. Good looks, well made, great features and very quiet. We would buy no other brand.

  • Charlie
    5/ 5

    great, nice looking, and powerful shower, easy to fit. would recommend and might buy another for another bathroom from plumbworld. +++++

  • Dennis Price
    5/ 5

    This is a replacement for an 18 year old Aquastream and I expect to enjoy the same excellent service that the original has provided.

  • TommyB
    5/ 5

    You definitely get what you pay for with this shower. It may seem expensive but its worth it for the quiet pump with lots of power.

  • Layla Winters
    5/ 5

    The shower is very good quality but the fitting instructions are not so good but once sussed it was quite easy to install !

  • Dominique Blackwell
    5/ 5

    Hi, Mr Holden is very sstisfy with order from Plumb World,and is very happy with custoner services, thank you.

  • Shirley
    5/ 5

    This Power Shower replaced a previous model that was 10 years old and which was becoming very noisy in operation.

  • sue
    5/ 5

    Good item Easily installed, great price. Looks good and new design hose will keep clean easily.

  • Thomas Russell Anderson
    5/ 5

    Fantastic shower. Easily the best we've ever had. Good price and delivered on time.

  • John Hall
    5/ 5

    Excellent product and service. Well done Plumworld', I'm converted.

  • kznnuk
    5/ 5

    I have brought a few showers and many more products, no problems.

  • Bond
    5/ 5

    Excellent shower. Powerful, quiet and attractive in the bathroom.

  • Mrs Saunders
    5/ 5

    A good working attractive product, does as advertised

  • Barry
    5/ 5

    Bought as replacement for old damaged unit

  • Kamden Woodward
    5/ 5

    great product and first class service

  • Power Shower Happy
    4/ 5

    This item replaced an Aqualisa Aquastream which had given excellent service for 13 years. There was no question but to replace it by another Aquastream. In this respect we are pleased with the performance of the new model which seems quieter in operation than the previous model. There is a slight disappointment that the plastic casing on the new model seems more fragile, and that the unit had to be placed lower on the wall to use existing piping and plug holes and avoid display of plug holes of the old model on the tiles.

  • Cortez Cannon
    4/ 5

    We have very low water pressure at home that produces just a trickle if you try and attach a normal shower. The Aqualease provides instant strong water pressure. The unit looks very neat and I was really pleased with the purchase. As this was a replacement for a previous unit I was even more pleased with the speed plumworld took to deliver the item as it meant I was left without a shower for a very short time!