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As with anything in the bathroom, and especially the shower, colours and finishes can wear causing them to look a bit tired and tarnished. Now you could go out and replace your whole shower but why bother with the hassle and the excessive money when you can simple replace certain components. This 1.5 metre long shower hose is finished in white to match all of the showers below that it’s compatible with:

  • Classic 200,
  • Aquavalve 600,
  • Aquavalve 605,
  • Aquavalve  609/Colt Concealed,
  • Dream,
  • Aquavalve 700,
  • Shiraz,
  • Aquastream Mk3,
  • Aquamixa,
  • Axis Thermo,
  • Quartz Thermo,
  • Opto Thermo,
  • Hydramax Concealed Range,
  • All Digital Ranges (Chrome Only)

£22.68 (Inc. VAT)

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