One of the fastest in-line filters to fit on the market, the Magnaclean Micro 2 from Adey has extremely versatile installation options and is ideal for compact and small spaces. Servicing is easily done due to the rapid fit connectors and low profile drain valve.

Maximum debris is captured with twin reverse flow aiding in the removal of sludge and other unwanted materials from the system.

Heating system efficiency is increased which can save you money on heating and maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • In-line style of installation, fitting can take just two minutes
  • Compact unit allows installation in the tightest spaces
  • Simple servicing and dosing thanks to the low profile drain valve
  • Greater reliability from an improved design of valve
  • Maximising debris capture with dual reverse flow
  • Rapid fit connectors for quicker servicing
  • Air vent assembly
  • High performance seals

Technical Data:

  • Fluid capacity: 0.55L
  • Inlet and outlet diameter at valve: 22mm
  • Bi-directional flow configuration means any port can be inlet
  • Main lid seal and valve to canister: EPDM


MC1+ Protector

Prevents build-up of corrosion and limescale in the system making it more efficient and importantly saving you money on bills. Suitable to be used with all types of heating system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Top quality protection against corrosion and scale
  • Concentrated, high performance inhibitor to maintain heating efficiency
  • Treats 125 litres or 15 radiators
  • Suitable for use with all heating systems
  • Helps reduce maintenance and overall heating bills


MC3 Cleaner

More powerful formula for a better clean up of debris, sludge, corrosion and other unwanted materials.

Ideal for use with open vented and sealed heating systems. Like the protector the bottle will do 125 Litres which is the equivalent of about 15 radiators.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for all central heating systems
  • High quality central heating system cleaner for removing debris, sludge and scale
  • Restores heating efficiency and could save you money on heating your home
CE Approved

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