Adey MagnaClean Professional 22mm Filter


Adey MagnaClean Professional 22mm Filter

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful, compact magnetic filter
  • Designed to remove particlate from suspension, whilst allowing 100% flow rate at all times
  • Simple installation
  • ‘Pro-Fill’ air vent
  • Maintains full flow rates at all times
  • Suitable for 22mm pipework


Why have MagnaClean?

We live in an age of high efficiency boilers, but for many years little attention has been placed on the cleanliness of central heating systems.

The majority of systems suffer from black iron oxide contamination, which creates thick sludge deposits that are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components. The oxide particles can range from very large to sub-micron, with the latter leaching into the system water continuously during use. These particles bond to all components, often causing premature failure of pumps and valves. When they contaminate the boiler heat exchanger and pipework, dramatic efficiency losses result. Tests have shown that even a minimal build up results in a serious drop in boiler efficiency!

The Magnaclean filter will provide many years of protection, maintaining the high efficiency of your heating system, resulting in financial benefit and increased reliability, and is backed by a two year limited guarantee.


How it Works

MagnaClean Professional has been carefully designed to remove particulate from suspension, whilst allowing 100% flow rate at all times.

Installation is simple, with each isolation valve rotating through 360°C, supporting any number of location options. These valves have been specially designed for use with Magnaclean and have high quality P.T.F.E seals.

An added advantage to installers is the ‘Pro-Fill’ air vent built in to the lid. This special vent incorporates a unique one-way valve, allowing the installer to inject corrosion inhibitor chemicals directly into the Magnaclean without the need to isolate anything. Just remove the air vent screw, inject the chemical and replace the air vent screw. Simple!

Magnaclean® is a powerful, compact magnetic filter with a unique swirl chamber designed to remove 100% of suspended Iron Oxide and other particulate from the water circulating through the heating system. Unlike typical Y-strainer filters which clog up and experience a dramatic reduction in flow performance, Magnaclean® maintains full flow rates at all times, and is so powerful it will retain at least 50X the amount of debris on its easily removed sheath. The incredibly tough ‘Glass fibre reinforced Nylon’ shell is almost unbreakable.

Incorporated into the lid is a special air vent, which allows installers to quickly and easily add corrosion inhibiting chemicals without the need to isolate the filter. Simply unscrew the vent nipple (one-way valve shuts off), connect the chemical adaptor (supplied with all concentrates) and introduce the liquid directly into the heart of Magnaclean, where it will quickly disperse into the circulating water. Replace the vent. Job done!

Initially available to suit 22mm pipe work. A twin 300mm high unit built onto a special plinth is available, that has been specifically designed for installers who Power-Flush systems, to prevent contaminants released during the flushing process from entering the heating boiler.


To demonstrate we put an example of black iron oxide sludge in to a container... and shook it up... then we added the MagnaClean filter...

After 15 seconds, the MagnaClean has already collected many of the oxide particles & the water is clearing...

Another minute & virtually all the oxide has been trapped by the MagnaClean leaving the water clean and clear... out it comes! ready for easy cleaning and disposal of that filthy black sludge


CE Approved

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Adey MagnaClean Professional 22mm Filter

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Adey MagnaClean Professional 22mm Filter Reviews

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4.6/ 5
19 reviews
  • Kiana Carter
    5/ 5

    I fitted a magna clean just over a month ago i have just checked the product and a could not believe the amount of sluge that had built up on the fitting in such a small time. As my pipework is 20 years old i would recomend this item 100%.

  • bob
    5/ 5

    This MagnaClean is deffinetly worth every penny, in just as short time it has collected allot of gunk from my pipes as they are quite old. I will definetly recommend this product to everyone!

  • Ray
    5/ 5

    Very impressed with the result of flushing out the central heating system. It collected a lot debris from the pipes. It's a very good build and easy to use. An excellent product. Ray

  • Paul
    5/ 5

    The Magna filter was competitively priced and arrived within a couple of days. It was easily fitted and I would definitely recommend plumb world to a friend

  • raggylad
    5/ 5

    Fitted the maganaclean and in a hurt space of time it had cleaned a signicant amount of gunge from the system.First clas service and a firsst clas product.