5 Must Have Bathroom Accessories


What constitutes a must-have bathroom accessory? Is it the item which looks fabulous but has no real function? Or is it the item which is great to look at and enhances the room in more than one way? Undoubtedly in order for something to make the bathroom hot-list, an accessory must be useful as well as beautiful, it’s no good adding bulky or awkward gadgets to your bathroom which will only take up precious space; what is needed are accessories which are built-in and so take up no extra space at all.

Luckily there are many such items on the market today and they won’t all break the bank either!  So what are the best accessories out there at the moment and which ones do you really need? Here are the top 5 must-have bathroom accessories of the moment.

LED temperature controls: These brilliant taps allow for users to read the heat of the water via an LED light; the colour varies between red and blue and changes as the temperature does.

heated towel rail: Heated towel rails are two fabulous pieces of kit in one! Like a miniature radiator they will kick out some heat and keep your towels toasty! Heated towel rails aren’t difficult to fit and they’re not overly expensive but they’ll give your bathroom a spa-like quality with minor effort.

Music: Fitting speakers in the bathroom is a growing trend and it’s so easy with today’s technology. Most speakers for bathrooms are recessed and designed to be hidden away in order to protect the electronics from splashes. Singing in the shower takes on a whole new meaning.

Hand dryer taps: Taps which not only dispense water but which also offer a stream of warm air so that you can dry your hands without using a towel! This clever accessory includes a special filter to “blow away” airborne germs too! Hands will reach a new level of clean with this handy addition to your bathroom sink.

A computerized, programmable shower: No more flinching when the water gets too hot with this, the future of temperature controlled showers in place! The thermostatic valve allows users to predetermine a number of “scenarios” whereby the speed and type of spray can be chosen in advance in addition to the temperature. This is the ultimate in showering luxury!

If you’ve ever wondered what the future looks like…just take a look at any of the latest new-build homes. Many are already chock-full of fancy devices like those above and since technology has made such advances in recent years, most of them are very affordable. It’s the little things which can make the difference in terms of your home appearing to be a place of comfort and modernity.

If you’re fond of luxury and enjoy the latest gadgets you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to modernizing your bathroom and most of the little gadgets above are designed to enhance comfort. A morning shower takes on a new level of enjoyment when you’re helped along the way with these amazing designs.