900mm Hinged Shower Door Enclosures

Make life easier with our incredible hinged shower door range

We all wish we could make the most of our shower’s space, right? We want getting in and out of the shower to be as easy as possible, especially those of us who need a little extra width. Introducing Plumbworld’s dedicated range of hinged shower doors, designed for maximum width availability when open, making them the best option for smaller showers. Like pivot-hinged shower doors, hinged doors open externally (into the room and not into the shower), but unlike pivot doors, hinged doors don’t utilise pivot pins meaning they open wider. This increased width gives your bathroom the sparking style of functionality while also ensuring that all levels of accessibility needs are catered for. Lose yourself in the polished aluminium frames as they shine in sensationally steamy style. There’s no need to compromise on luxury and that extra added feeling of calm and relaxation, and with our selection of different styles you don’t need to. High-quality and space-saving with a hint of contemporary luxury, the 6mm and 8mm thick tempered glass doors are the go-to choice for designer bathrooms thanks to their sleek, minimalist style and impressive functionality.

  1. Diamond 900mm Framed Hinged Shower Door - 8mm Glass

  2. Diamond 900mm Framed Hinged Shower Door & Side Panel - 8mm Glass