1700mm Baths

1700mm is the standard size bath found in most bathroom suites.It is a good size, offering plenty of space without taking up too much floor area in the bathroom. Our 1700mm baths come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so we’re sure you’ll soon be soaking in the bath of your dreams. They’re available in single or double ended which means you have one or two ends to lounge at. They’re also available as shower baths or freestanding baths too if you really want to create a focal point in your bathroom. All of the baths except the freestanding baths can be purchased with fantastic Whirlpool technology too so you can massage away the days woes without needing to hit the gym or spa!

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  2. affine-opulent-freestanding-bath-1700mm

    Affine Opulent Freestanding Bath 1700mm

    Was £619.00

    Save 11%


    In Stock
  3. affine-elegance-freestanding-bath-1720mm

    Affine Elegance Freestanding Bath 1720mm

  4. affine-lamoura-luxury-freestanding-bath-1700mm

    Affine Lamoura Luxury Freestanding Bath 1700mm

    Was £1298.00

    Save 50%


    In Stock
  5. bc-designs-aurelius-freestanding-bath-white-1740-x-760mm-bab030

    BC Designs Aurelius Freestanding Bath White 1740 x 760mm - BAB030


    Manufacturer Direct in 14 - 15 Days
  6. bc-designs-boat-freestanding-bath-copper-and-enamel-1700-x-725mm-bac012

    BC Designs Boat Freestanding Bath Copper and Enamel 1700 x 725mm - BAC012


    Manufacturer Direct in 106 - 107 Days
  7. bc-designs-boat-freestanding-bath-antique-copper-and-nickel-1700-x-725mm-bac016

    BC Designs Boat Freestanding Bath Antique Copper and Nickel 1700 x 725mm - BAC016


    Manufacturer Direct in 122 - 123 Days
  8. bc-designs-boat-freestanding-bath-antique-copper-and-verdigris-1700-x-725mm-bac022

    BC Designs Boat Freestanding Bath Antique Copper and Verdigris 1700 x 725mm - BAC022


    Manufacturer Direct in 152 - 153 Days
  9. affine-radiance-freestanding-bath-1700mm

    Affine Radiance Freestanding Bath 1700mm

  10. affine-bliss-back-to-wall-freestanding-bath-1700mm

    Best Seller!

    Affine Bliss Back to Wall Freestanding Bath 1700mm

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