1000mm Hinged Shower Door Enclosures

Get the best accessibility options with our range of hinged shower doors

Similar to pivot doors, hinged doors open outwards into the bathroom instead of into the shower itself (like bi-fold doors). However, unlike pivot doors, hinged doors offer you a wider space for entry and exit, making them the perfect option for every accessibility need.    Making it easier for people of all widths, as well as wheelchairs and other aids, to enter and exit the shower, these stunningly stylish shower doors are operated on silky-smooth hinges as opposed to pivoting pins, giving much more width to work with. Sleek, polished chrome frames make these doors a luxurious way to add practicality into your bathroom. Maximising shower space while also adding sparkle and a contemporary shine to your bathroom at a low-cost. These high-quality, framed hinged doors feature toughened glass and come in a range of heights to suit any shower. Browse the range of styles from our selection of shower expert brands and find the perfect addition to your accessibility issues without compromise. Suitable for both alcove and panelled shower enclosures, and coming with optional shower trays, smooth roller technology and water-tight seals when closed, these shower doors are bound to be the new star of the show.

  1. Diamond 1000mm Framed Hinged Shower Door - 8mm Glass

  2. Diamond 1000mm Framed Hinged Shower Door & Side Panel - 8mm Glass