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1000mm Bi-Fold Shower Door Enclosures

It’s no secret that we all want more space in our bathrooms. Often small and designed for function over style, smaller bathrooms can lack the look of luxury and limit shower and suite options. Not anymore! Thanks to our dedicated range of bi-folding shower doors, you don’t have to choose function over style, you can have both! With hinges situated in the middle of the door, bi-folding hinges work different to pivot or hinged shower doors as they fold inwards into the shower itself. This is great news for those of us with smaller bathrooms, en-suites or who want to places shower enclosures where an externally-opening door might be a nuisance, or even a safety issue. In a range of different thicknesses, heights and styles, the bi-folding doors from a selection of shower-design experts have been specifically designed to mix the perfect amounts of function with unquestionable style. Watch your shower shine and sparkle with the chrome-finished aluminium frames and relish in the high-quality contemporary look at low costs. Bi-fold doors can be fitted to alcove or corner shower enclosures to maximise your bathroom space today!