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This flip top basin waste with a slotted design is perfect for keeping your drains unclogged and your water flowing freely.

Constructed from brass with a shiny chrome finish, this plug is easy to use – simply push down on one side, and away you go.

Thanks to the design of ultra-modern bathroom features, many basins and freestanding bowls are produced without an overflow, and this can lead to clogging and the creation of bacteria and lots of other nasties.

Even basins with an overflow, like those this product is aimed at, still require additional coverage to keep things ticking over properly.

So a slotted basin waste plays a crucial part in keeping your bathroom clean and germ-free, and this particular model is as good as it gets, so why not add one to your basket today?

Product information:

  • Flip-top design
  • Suitable for basins
  • Comes complete with slotted waste, body washer and plastic back nut
  • Dimensions = 1 ¼"
CE Approved
1 1/4" Slotted Flip Top Basin Waste

£19.94 (Inc. VAT)

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1 1/4" Slotted Flip Top Basin Waste Reviews

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4.8/ 5
11 reviews
  • Markae
    5/ 5

    We wanted a simple, elegant basin waste with a built in plug. This is exactly what we got: the build and finish are excellent, so was the price. Service was excellent to - it arrived, safely packed, within 36 hours. And in a world full of web companies promising service but not always delivering, I really got the feeling I was dealing with a company that means what it says.

  • Jaylin Cannon
    5/ 5

    Having put up with slow running drains for years, this waste is an ingenious design, simple yet precisely engineered. This is the best of many basin wastes I have used. If the materials and finish are as good as they seem, then I look forward to many years free from basin waste maintenance.

  • Karma Fields
    5/ 5

    I was fed up with complex basin wastes that either don't hold the water in or don't empty it efficiently. This is the answer. Simple, easy to fit, totally efficient, nothing to go wrong, and cheap. Thank you plumbworld and for your super efficient service too. Michael

  • DuncB
    5/ 5

    Never had one of these types of wastes/plugs before but pleased with it and surprised how well it seals even though there is no rubber seal on the flip top part

  • Nigel
    5/ 5

    Working very well, but early days. Requires very low force to flip, with smooth rotation - perfect. Does not appear to leak.

  • Louise
    5/ 5

    A soooooo much nicer design than a pop up waste!!! Doesnt get stuck down! Great price, speedy delivery and easy to fit!

  • Louise
    5/ 5

    Soooooooo much easier than a pop up waste!!! Great price, speedy delivery and easy to fit!

  • Mreds
    5/ 5

    Neat innovation with the rotatable plug fitting. Easy to fit and looks great!

    5/ 5

    Good quality and very easy to use and looks great

  • Alessandro Wilcox
    4/ 5

    This waste device looks and operates more smoothly than the alternate system sealed with an o-ring. It was most thoughtful to include a blanking screw for the previous plug-chain too. In all I updated three sinks without difficulty, though using soft plastic sealing washers was cleaner than plumbers-mate sealant at the top.