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Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter


Save water at the push of a button with the Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter. This low cost device will convert any toilet into a water saving toilet.


  • With water conservation more important than ever, an old fashioned toilet that uses up to 12 litres of water with every flush can seem incredibly wasteful. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend money on a brand new toilet, as this device will convert your existing toilet into a modern dual flush model.
  • An affordable way of converting to a dual flush mechanism that replaces standard levers. This twin button arrangement allows the user to select either a light or a more powerful flush, so the user won’t have to use more water than is actually required. Over the year this can save the average household of four around 17,000 litres of water a year, which is a big saving to your wallet if you’re on a water meter and it will ultimately contribute towards helping the environment too.

Technical notes:

  • The buttons connect to a flush regulator inside the cistern that restricts the flush to either 3 or 6 litres depending on which button is pressed.
  • Button has to be placed on the front of your existing cistern.


  • Cable length: 354mm (14 in)


  • Two year guarantee.
CE Approved

Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter360 Image


Wirquin Water Saving Toilet ConverterProduct Specification

Product Water Save Converter
Manufacturer Part Number 14000001

Wirquin Water Saving Toilet ConverterDownloadable Documents

Wirquin Water Saving Toilet ConverterDimensions

Wirquin Water Saving Toilet Converter - Dimensions

£17.33 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £25.87 Save  33%

47 Available 

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Wirquin Water Saving Toilet ConverterReviews

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4.9/ 5
17 reviews
5/ 5

Pros: Easily fitted , Improved flush , Water saving

Cons: None

Replaced the old syphon and flush handle with this product and it operates brillisntly and will also save money with the dual flush function

ID: 100002609
4/ 5

Pros: Efficent flush

Cons: Would not fit with the old float valve so that had to be replaced as well. No written instructions for setting up.

Good delivery and packing. You might need a new inlet valve to work with this unit. You might also need a close coupling connector. Had to hacksaw mine off.

ID: 100007170
5/ 5

Pros: Fitting was easy - even though the sparse instructions were in French - the diagrams were easy to follow.

Cons: None - an excellent piece of kit.

This is a brilliant gadget and the difference from my old flush mechanism is instantly noticeable. Only a light press for either function guarantees a 'job' well done. It is quiet during the flush and the refill and I am well impressed!

ID: 100000183
5/ 5

Pros: Just fitted it and there's no complaints so far, All's good.

Very easy to install, even though the instructions are only just picture diagrams.

ID: 100002793
5/ 5

Pros: good product and value for money

fitted and working perfectly, good quality product from an excellent company

ID: 100009808
5/ 5

Pros: easy to use with the spray lance

Cons: none

Easy to use and gave a very good finish to the fence

ID: 100002928
5/ 5

Pros: Smart looking, Easy to operate.

Cons: The instructions were in French

This product is great value for money and works a treat.It was easily fitted once the cistern was removed from the pan,We had a bit of trouble removing the rusted nuts and bolts which had been there about 20 years ! Now the Grandkids can finally flush the toilet.

ID: 100001583
5/ 5

Very good device. It works very well - easy to press the button. Installation was not that simple, depends on the size of the balloon float, some adjustments might be necessary.

ID: 5353313

£17.33 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £25.87 Save  33%

47 Available 

Offer ends in

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