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Wetroom Screens

Hassle-Free Wetroom Luxury

Wetrooms effectively turn your entire bathroom into a huge shower enclosure. Instead of having a shower enclosure in the corner of your bathroom where the water is confined, you can shower without having to worry about wetting the floor as the water drains away into a floor drain. The result is a luxurious bathroom while wetrooms are also great for people with mobility problems due to their ease of use. While you don’t need a screen in a wetroom, many people still prefer to have a specific closed-off area of the bathroom in which to shower and a wetroom screen is the way to do this so that it functions as a walk-in area. We have a range of sizes available for effortless wetroom creation, and you can customise the size of your enclosure area by choosing screens of different sizes. So add a little luxury to your home today!

We recommend

Wetroom Screen - Diamond 700mm

Was £129.97

Saving 38%


  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 700mm



  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 800mm



  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 900mm



  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 1000mm



  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 760mm



  • Wetroom Screen - Diamond 1200mm




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