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Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kW


Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90XR White/Chrome 8.5kW

This Triton Showers Electric Shower model is a tank-fed version with an integral pump. It is designed for use in situations where the mains water supply only receives a low pressure, is unreliable or even non-existent. This is ideal for rural areas where these circumstances can be common.

Triton has used the latest technology to ensure that the T90XR is quieter and slimmer than its predecessor. Also, even though it’s a pumped electric shower, it still offers the reliability and performance that you expect from Triton.

Features and Benefits:

  • Power rating: 8.5kW.
  • Designed to replace existing T90 variants. Quick installation with compatible water and cable connections.
  • Double temperature protection – An outlet sensor is activated when the temperature gets too hot to reduce the heating power. A second sensor turns off the heating power under extreme operating conditions.
  • A separate start/stop push button allows you to keep your favourite shower settings.
  • A 5 spray pattern showerhead with rub clean nozzles.
  • White/chrome finish.
  • Suitable for gravity fed cold water supplies only.
  • BEAB approved.
  • Requires a mains cold water supply.
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

CE Approved

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kWProduct Specification

Electrical Entry Points Top, Bottom, Back (Left Hand Side)
Type Electric
kW 8.5
Finish White & Chrome
Guarantee 1 Year
Water Inlets Top, Bottom, Back (Left Hand Side)
Shower Head & Riser Kit Supplied Yes
Multi Spray 5
Manufacturer Part Number SP9008SI
Boxed Weight 4.6kg

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kWDownloadable Documents

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kWDimensions

Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kW - Dimensions
Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kW - Dimensions - 2

£234.04 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £359.98 Save  £125

13 Available 

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Triton Tank-fed Pumped Electric Shower T90xr White/Chrome 8.5kWReviews

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4.5/ 5
15 reviews
5/ 5

Working in an area with many customers in rural places with unreliable or variable or even just plain poor water pressure I have installed several of these showers. Modern day living means people like decent powered showers and low water pressure can limit choices. I have found this shower to be a good alternative to an electric shower as the work to convert from a standard electric shower to these is relatively small even if you have to install a complete new cold water storage tank. One customer I installed one for loved it so much he paid to have one put in his son's house. They are slightly noisier than an electric shower and more costly but feedback I have had personally from my customers is that they love them.

ID: 100012629
5/ 5

I purchased this item to replace an older version. Apart from the fact that the screw holes are in a slightly different position, this proved to be a simple process. I had the older model for 10 years before it decided to pack up, hopefully this new one will give as good service.

ID: 100020777
4/ 5

Was purchased as a replacement shower for a rental property. Arrived on time and plumber who fitted it and tenant have no complaints.

ID: 100021576
4/ 5

i was very pleased with my new T 90 shower ,replacing the old T90 was so easy, 1 x new shower, 1 x new olive for water supply,90 pence and with the aid of a screw driver and spanner the job was complete in half an hour. a sweet smelling house hold again,

ID: 100012434
4/ 5

Got this shower as our old electric one died! It wasn't really a shower, but more a drizzle! We live on a farm with really low water pressure, plus a lot of sheep inside drinking in the winter! The plumber was going to have to fit a new system with pump and cistern just to get good pressure to a regular electric shower. Did some research and came across these types that run off the cold water cistern. Called the plumber and he told me to order it! It's a lot bigger than the old one (as it has a pump inside it)and was prepared to have to do a bit of re-tiling, but not the case. I can now shower again, without having to shout at hubby to chase sheep away from the water troughs!

ID: 100013111
5/ 5

Previous Triton shower required replacement, this model was the upgrade and advertised as the direct replacement.

The backplate seems to be very slightly smaller than the original shower unit but it all fitted very well without any water pipe or electrical installation modifications

ID: 100003443
5/ 5

This is the second Triton shower we have purchased. It arrived very quickly and works very effectively.Wec are delighted with it.

ID: 100016107

£234.04 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £359.98 Save  £125

13 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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