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Triton T450i 1.2 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump


Triton T450i 1.2 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump

Sometimes even the most powerful of showers needs a boost, and that’s because the water system in our homes may be letting us down. Luckily there is a simple solution, and that comes in the form of a shower pump.

This model of shower pump is designed by Triton Showers and is as efficient in operation as all their showers are. It’s a single impeller positive head shower pump. Let’s break down what that means:

  • Boosts supply from cold water tank to the electric shower to overcome low mains pressure
  • Positive head: Uses a gravity feed to ‘push’ the water through the impeller. It requires a minimum head of at least 500mm (3ft 3ins) between the base of the cistern and the shower head.

The pump will automatically switch on and off as the shower is operated, so there’s no need to manually operate it each time.

This shower pump is made from limescale resistant materials and comes with a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.

Technical details:

  • For use with electric showers in low water pressure situations.
  • 1.2 bar with a single impeller.
  • Flow rate: 11.5 litres per minute.
  • Maximum pressure at maximum flow: 1.22 bar (18 PSI) which is the equivalent to 41 foot head of water.
  • Variable speed control allows for adjustment of flow rate
CE Approved

Triton T450i 1.2 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Shower PumpProduct Specification

Head Positive
Impeller Single
Outlet Pressure (Bar) 1.2
Manufacturer Part Number T450I00M
Boxed Weight 2kg

Triton T450i 1.2 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Shower PumpDownloadable Documents

£161.68 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £244.97 Save  £83

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Triton T450i 1.2 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head Shower PumpReviews

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own review

4.8/ 5
12 reviews
5/ 5

Pros: Clear installation instructions , Fast delivery , Good price , Package contained flexible connections for installation, Very easy installation. The longest part of the job was draining the water. , Well packaged

Cons: None

Used this pump as a hot water booster in a chalet bungalow
low with the hot water cylinder on the ground floor. It was a direct
replacement for the same pump that had been installed in excess of
10 years to my knowledge (could have been installed for longer).

ID: 100017356
4/ 5

Pros: Easy to install

Cons: None

Easy and a joy to install. I can't fault this pump from start to finish it was so easy.

ID: 100019878
5/ 5

Pros: Easy to conect

Cons: None

Glad I bought this product Im totally satisfied & would buy again.

ID: 100004518
5/ 5

Pros: Can't complain if it lasts for 15 years of daily use.

Cons: None

Replacement for identical model that lasted 15 years.

ID: 100014393
4/ 5

Product delivers a good pressure. No leaks so far

ID: 100017853
5/ 5

Pros: Very easy to fit with push fit flexible connectors and it comes with gause filters to stop particular contamination damaging the pump.

Cons: Could do with a bit more pressure output

This pumpvworks great on my gravity fed electric shower, I tried a salamander pump first but as you increased the temperature of the shower the pump started cutting out (this is because electric showers restrict flow to heat the water more). So there must be an output pressure switch cutting in. This led to Luke warm showers even though the salamander pump was rated at a higher working pressure of 1.6

ID: 100007004
5/ 5

Pros: Looks well made,easy to fit, with good instructions.

Cons: A little noisey but not really bad.

Does what it says. We have bad mains water pressure, mornings often not enough to run a shower. This gives a good shower no matter if mains pressure is down. It feeds a 9.5 Triton Shower with the pump on flow postion 2.Noise level is about like a hair dryer but when it is in a cupboard thats not so bad.

ID: 100007494
5/ 5

Pros: easy to install

Cons: could be made with a flying lead already wired in.

great little booster pump worked very well for my client

ID: 100012919

£161.68 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £244.97 Save  £83

Last Few Remaining! 

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