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Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric Shower


Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric Shower

Every shower in every home should be a safe and invigorating experience. There’s little point in owning a shower if the flow it puts out is about as powerful as standing underneath a leaking drain pipe. Thankfully, Triton Showers know a thing or two about what goes into making a powerful shower that has a safe experience for all the family.

The Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW electric shower provides a relaxing and comfortable experience. It also boasts advanced safety features that give you great peace of mind when all the family needs to use it.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes shower unit, double interlocking shower hose, stylish riser rail kit and a rub clean showerhead.
  • A combination of white and chrome finishes: The unit itself is finished in white and is attached to a chrome shower hose. The riser rail kit is both chrome and white while a white handset provides the finishing touch.
  • Simple to use controls.
  • A large start/stop button so your favourite shower settings can be used every time.
  • Features thermostatic technology to ensure that the shower temperature doesn’t suddenly rise or fall. It will maintain the temperature at your set level, regardless of fluctuations in your water system.
  • The showerhead features 5 satisfying spray patterns.
  • A maximum temperature stop will reduce the risk of the shower temperature being accidentally turned up too high.
  • A phased shutdown process flushes the hot water from the system when the shower is switched off, ensuring it is safe for the next user.
  • The ability to set an automatic timed shutdown so the shower will automatically turn off after a pre-selected period.
  • Endorsed by BEAB Care for extra safety assurance.
  • Covered by a 2-year manufacturer guarantee in case of manufacturing faults.

Key technical information:

  • Compatible with cold water systems only.
  • Power rating: 9.5kW.
  • Minimum running pressure: 0.5 bar at 8 litres per minute. However, it is recommended that the minimum pressure is 1 bar for full performance.
  • Easier installation due to the ability to connect to a level access waste pump. This is also ideal for using in a wetroom solution.

Electrical Cable Safety Warning

CE Approved

Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric ShowerProduct Specification

Electrical Entry Points Top, Bottom, Back (Right Hand Side)
Type Electric
kW 9.5
Finish White
Guarantee 2 Years
Water Inlets Top, Bottom, Back (Right Hand Side)
Shower Head & Riser Kit Supplied Yes
Multi Spray 5
Manufacturer Part Number SPSG09WC
Boxed Weight 4.2kg

Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric ShowerDownloadable Documents

Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric ShowerDimensions

Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric Shower - Dimensions
Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric Shower - Dimensions - 2

£185.33 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £199.97 Save  7%

6 Available 

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Triton T150z Thermostatic 9.5kW Electric ShowerReviews

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own review

4.9/ 5
7 reviews
4/ 5

I brought this shower for my grandmother,its good quality and simple to use,it also looks nice.
Would recommend.

ID: 100004046
5/ 5

Bought to replace exact same in rented property. As previous one absolutly fantastic and the PRICE was just right too.

ID: 100021799
5/ 5

Good customer service and good product

ID: 100017359
5/ 5

This shower replaced a previous Triton which developed a leak that my plumber advised, due to the age and complexity of the shower was not worth replacing. I had comments that the previous shower was not powerful enough and there was the problem of very hot water coming through when it was turned off then on again, also we couldn't use a dishwasher or washing machine as fluctuations in supply affected the temperature. The thermostat setting on the T150z and the design of the shower covers all the bases. No more unexpected hot, cold or loss of power. Ideal for the more mature user.

ID: 100006498
5/ 5

This shower has simple, clear easy to use settings, with large on/off switch.
Lovely shower head with many settings.
Very quick delivery of shower

ID: 100007112
5/ 5

Delivered swiftly. Shower much more powerful than the 15 year old same wattage shower that it replaced.
Stopped working after a week.
It was a week before the engineer from triton was able to come (holiday time) He replaced the flow switch, (as was indicated by the "fault-finding" guide) and also the circuit board, although he didn't really think that that was a problem.
It is working well now, however we will have to have the engineer back sometime, as the timed shutdown indicator doesn't light up.

ID: 100005826
5/ 5

Bought this as we have a righ hand water point and found it difficult to find something that would work to replace our existing shower. It was fitted easily and has proved to be a great improvement on our old shower. Highly recommended.

ID: 7888002

£185.33 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £199.97 Save  7%

6 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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