Triton Shower Spares

Keeping your Triton shower in Tip-top Condition.

While Triton showers are expertly engineered to a high degree of quality, there may be a time when you need to replace or add something to improve your shower. This range of spare parts and accessories are all you need to ensure that your Triton experience remains as good as the day you first installed the shower; while rub clean showerheads and shiny chrome shower kit finishes means it remains looking good too.

  • Triton Short Shower Arm Rear Entry



    Triton Showers
  • Triton Short Shower Arm Bottom Entry



    Triton Showers
  • Triton Exposed Pipework Fittings



    Triton Showers
  • Triton Unichrome Thames Vandal Proof Shower head



    Triton Showers

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