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Triton Power Showers

An Exhilarating Shower Experience

If you have a low pressure or gravity-fed water system in your home then you shouldn’t have to miss out on an invigorating shower experience, and Triton believe that as much as we do. So they’ve used their expertise to create a range of power showers that will give you a showering experience you won’t soon forget. Power showers up the pressure by including a built-in electrical pump that increases the flow of the water coming out of your showerhead. The result is a shower that will instantly wake you up in the morning or provide you with a relaxing all-over body massage following one of those stressful days. Triton power showers are available in manual or thermostatic form, the latter of which gives you a constantly regulated pre-set temperature and more precise control for a safer shower.

  • Triton AS2000X Aqua Sensation Manual Power Shower



    Triton Showers
  • Triton AS2000XT Aqua Sensation Thermostatic Power Shower



    Triton Showers
  • Triton Aspirante Power Shower Chrome - ASP2000THM



    Triton Showers

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