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Shower Wastes

Don’t Forget the Shower Waste!

Looking for a new shower? Be sure you don’t forget the waste! These small but functional pieces of equipment are easy to forget about but absolutely essential in the correct and smooth running of your shower. Because without a waste, where would all that soapy shower water go? Our range of shower wastes are high quality and built to last so you can be safe in the knowledge that your morning showers will continue to be stress-free as they should be for years to come. You can safely forget about it once it’s installed, but don’t forget it before you’ve got your shower!

We recommend

Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste

Was £49.97

Saving 50%


  • Mira Vortex 90mm Shower Waste


    Mira Showers
  • Typhoon Vortex 50mm Self Cleaning Shower Waste
    Promotional Offer



  • White Domed 50mm Shower Waste



  • Hydrolux Chrome 90mm Hi-Flow Shower Waste



  • Chrome 50mm Hi-Flow Shower Waste
    Promotional Offer



  • Hydrolux 90mm High Flow Shower Trap Waste
    Promotional Offer




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