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Heat Things up with an Eye-Catching Design from Reina

If your bathroom is constantly chilly then it doesn’t matter how grand it is, it’s going to turn you off using it. Thankfully Reina is highly-skilled in providing a hot solution, and we don’t just mean the heat they give off. Each Reina radiator is crafted to present an eye-catching design for your bathroom. It’s no good having practicality if it doesn’t look the part too, and the various shapes and sizes available from us give you plenty of options to suit your personal bathroom needs. Most importantly though, our range from Reina offers designer looks without the designer price tag.

Designer Radiators for Your Home

We don’t think that anyone should have to go through the discomfort of braving a chilly bathroom in the morning, but too often we overlook heating in the bathroom because space is limited or the radiators on the market are just ugly. Why spoil the sleek and elegant look you’ve worked so hard to achieve in the bathroom with a standard white radiator? The Reina range of designer radiators has been developed to not only look ultra-modern and contemporary but to give a superior heating performance in your home too. They’re not just available in plain white or chrome finish either, take a look at the black radiators if you want something very different for your home. Just take a look through the extensive range of Reina products which we stock and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect radiator for your home, whatever your personal style and taste in décor. 

Suitable for Even the Smallest Bathrooms

Unlike traditional radiators which are designed to be mounted horizontally along a wall, many of the Reina radiators and heated towel rails have been cleverly designed to take up as little space as possible. The tall and slim design of many of the Reina products means, however, little wall space you have in your bathroom, you will be able to install a Reina radiator and enjoy the luxury of a cosy bathroom on even the coldest winter mornings. The unusual designs offered by the Reina range are worlds away from standard radiator design too, so give your bathroom or shower room that designer twist today. 

Designer Looks Without the Designer Price Tag

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that buying a bathroom radiator with such high-end designer looks will come with a designer price tag. Although there are some brands which definitely put style above substance and trade on their elevated prices, the Reina brand keeps the designer look at affordable levels. There’s no compromise on quality either, with Reina using top quality stainless steel and other materials to make their radiators. Installation and fitting are simple, and once in place, all of the Reina range of heated towel rails and radiators is guaranteed for five years. The vast range of Reina products which we stock means there’s bound to be the perfect product for your home, just waiting to be installed.



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