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Monument Drain Tracing Dyes 8oz (227gm) Green

  • Different coloured powder dyes for tracing the direction of flow or where a drain pipe runs to
  • Non toxic
  • One bottle only supplied
CE Approved

Monument Drain Tracing Dyes 8oz (227gm) GreenProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 1270X
Boxed Weight 0.27kg

£12.05 (Inc. VAT)

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Monument Drain Tracing Dyes 8oz (227gm) GreenReviews

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5/ 5

Pros: fun, green, safe

I had a stream appear in my garden, yes it was raining with Biblical proportions, but this had neve happened before, even though Sheffield is not noted for it's Mediteranean climate.
I ordered some Fluorescine green drain tracing dye from Plumbworld which turned up a couple of days later. Armed with a screwdriver and my son, I ventured into the fields beyond our home to find the manhole over the drains from the houses on the bank beyond.
When we found the manhole and lifted the lid, we saw the running water below, so I dropped some red crystals from the tub into the flowing waters below
Ching! The red crystals turned iridescent green and disappeared down the tube towards our side of the hill.
We closed the manhole and retreated from field to our garden to shelter from the monsoon
Nothing happened, we were at home and that's it, nothing happened. What a waste of time, then, hang on. HANG ON! The corner of the garden was turning an eerie fluorescent green. We had cracked it, or at least proved there was a cracked drain. Using the Plumbworld product, we had proved that there was a fault with the "posh houses" drains and ~months later they repaired them.
That should be the end of the matter, but an interesting postscript should be noted. My son was so impressed with the Plumbworld Green Drain Tracing Dye that he took it from the garage.
There was an interesting headline in the local rag a few days later reading "Council See Red over Green dye" above an article that the fountains in the city centre had turned green.
Yes, Plumbworld Green Drain Tracing Dye truly is a product for all the family ...........!

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£12.05 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £16.97 Save  28%

5 Available 

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