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Monument Drain Cleaning Springs 15ft x 1/4" (for Small Pipes)

  • Hollow spring wire cable with bulbous head for unblocking sinks, urinals, bath wastes, showers, small drains etc
  • Rotating crank handle with thumbscrew fits over and locks cable
  • Suitable for entry through strainers
CE Approved

Monument Drain Cleaning Springs 15ft x 1/4" (for Small Pipes)Product Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 3343H
Boxed Weight 0.89kg

£6.49 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £15.97 Save  59%

10 Available 

Monument Drain Cleaning Springs 15ft x 1/4" (for Small Pipes)Reviews

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5.0/ 5
5 reviews
5/ 5

Pros: Easy to insert into the pipe

Cons: Handles on the rotating device a bit sticky , Still did the job though!

I needed to unblock a sluggish small bore basin waste pipe, probably clogged with hair and soap. This product was perfect for the task and now takes its place among my extensive tool collection.
Ex carpenter & joiner.

ID: 100007823
5/ 5

Pros: easy to use

Cons: bit long for most diy

Best 20 quid spent- saved 70-80 on plumber. Easy to use. With kids shoving all sorts down the sink I aniticipate further use.

ID: 5247704
5/ 5

gas company wanted £600 pounds for a power flush to get one radiator working again all else was ok i cleared the offending pipe in half an hour using this tool im not a plumber still going ok as i write this good buy for me certainly

ID: 8642869
5/ 5

I wasted a lot of money on chemicals and other items and flooded the floor before I discovered this spring cable ( I call it a snake.) Worked very quickly once I realised that for my problem it was better entering via the washing machine outflow into the drain. Brilliant; in a crazy way I cannot wait for the next time to demonstrate my new found expertise.

ID: 7086659
5/ 5

Top price, fantastic service on delivery.

Easy to follow instructions on the bag if you need them. Great length on the "snake" so will easily reach most bends :-)

ID: 4377954

£6.49 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £15.97 Save  59%

10 Available 

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