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Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003


Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003

Features and Benefits:

  • Thermostatic temperature stability
  • Rear fed
  • High pressure valve
  • Separate flow and push button temperature control
  • Easily programmable functions including: eco setting, ‘warm-up’ feature and maximum / minimum temperature setting
  • Easy to read LED display with optional clock
  • Additional controller available to buy (enables full product control from a second location)
  • Four spray showerhead: Mira 360m – 1 flip action, 4 unique spray
  • Quick, flexible and unobtrusive to install
  • 5-year guarantee

Key Consumer Benefits:

  • Warm up feature & pause mode
  • Water saving - Eco mode
  • Digital display - temperature or time
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Wireless, fully functional remote control
  • All push button control
  • Proportional flow control
  • Thermostatic safety and maximum temperature setting
  • In eco mode, shower time and flow rate limited

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003 Video

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003Product Specification

Valve Type Concealed
Type Mixer
Finish Chrome
Thermostatic Yes
Guarantee 5 Years
Shower Head & Riser Kit Supplied Yes
Multi Spray 4
Manufacturer Part Number 1.1797.003
Boxed Weight 4.66kg

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003Downloadable Documents

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003Dimensions

Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003 - Dimensions

£372.84 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £686.40 Save  £313

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Mira Vision Digital Concealed Shower (High Pressure / Combination) 1.1797.003Reviews

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5.0/ 5
5 reviews
5/ 5

I bought this shower after having a bad experience with a similar product from another manufacturer (redring Galaxy digital shower). I was impressed from the moment it arrived. It was well packaged and came with good instructions and connectors required for plumbing in. The installation process was easy (Some may find the rear feed from the wall a little tricky although the actual parts and fittings are very good). The shower works really well and we now have control of both temperature and flow. I would highly recommend this product and it completely outclassed the Galaxy that I had originally purchased.
This shower is quite expensive but is ideal when retrofitting into a bathroom that has already been decorated as there is just one hole to make in the wall and the rest can be installed under the bath on in the loft above.

ID: 100010072
5/ 5

Great service and fantastic product

ID: 100012874
5/ 5

Previously to these I had installed three Grohtherm Wireless units which were problematic with regards to holding temperature and water getting into the controllers. This unit did have some great features though and it was such a shame about the reliability and the fact that Grohe would not repair them after they discontinued the product a year or two ago. I took a new Grohe Digital F unit FOC from Grohe and this also has its issues. The wireless range on the unit is almost nothing and the controller (puck) is very temperamental with regards to overriding temperature. At the factory it is set to 38 degrees which is just to cool for me (typical showering temp is said to be 38 to 42 degrees). The max the unit can be set to before you have to use the temperature override facility is 40 degrees which is still to cool for me. after that you have to go through a complicated press of the puck buttons (with lights flashing at you like you're back watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind). There is definitely a knack to it which is so not user friendly. Even their engineer couldn't get it right and kept missing the menu. As for me I never managed to do it once before the engineer arrived or even in the presence of the engineer.

At the end of my tether I ripped it out and installed the Mira
Vision and I'm so pleased with it. It's compact, the range is great and the head is a work of art. At this price they are a steel and I'm about to buy three more. Do note though I have not used the slide rail kit or accessories as I had the Grohe already installed so I can't comment on the quality of parts here and how easily they are installed.

ID: 100014246
5/ 5

I ordered a Mira Vision digital concealed shower unit . Apart from some issues with the courier the shower was received and installed in one day .
Instructions were easy to follow and the installation was straight forward,I commissioned it with ease, connected it to an existing drench shower head and it works fantastically.
Very easy to use start/stop button at the bottom ,temperature +/- on left hand side and flow rate up/down on right side and the unit does the rest

ID: 100023861
5/ 5

Amazing shower, I'm used to electric showers because I used to rent. Bought a house 6 months ago and my builder kept saying get an electric shower. I refused because they are rubbish. After doin some research I found mira. Bought it and no looking back. Superb shower. Powerful, hot, consistent. Amazing.

ID: 100016505

£372.84 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £686.40 Save  £313

Hurry! Only 4 Left 

Price Guaranteed For

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