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Kitchen Products

Everything You Need to Make a Busy Kitchen Work

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the place where cooking food to feed the entire family is done and it’s also the place where the family will sit down to eat the food that has been lovingly prepared. Like the bathroom, so much of our lives is spent in the kitchen that it’s important you have the right equipment at the best quality. Plumbworld offers a range of solidly built and stylish kitchen sinks that are available in a range of sizes, materials and finishes. We also offer a large range of kitchen taps that come in a range of styles – from modern to traditional – and will always look and act fantastic for as long as they sit in the busy hub of your kitchen.

Your Dream Kitchen - Choices, Choices, Choices.

Kitchen Sinks

We firmly believe that a kitchen sink should be central to any kitchen design rather than being left as an afterthought. Our huge range of sinks includes traditionally designed stainless steel units or square Belfast sinks which would complement the country kitchen look, and ultra-modern sinks from the world’s top kitchen design brands if you prefer the modern look in the kitchen. If you have restricted space in your kitchen check out our range of space saving sinks, which will suit even the smallest kitchens.


Once you’ve chosen your ideal sink, the next decision is about the type of tap to matching with it. We stock everything from the basic kitchen mixer taps through to the top end pull out taps which would grace any professional kitchen. As most taps and sinks have standard fittings, you can mix and match sinks and taps as desired to create your individual look. Whatever your budget and style we’ve a tap to suit. 

Kitchen Waste Disposal

Waste disposal units connected to your sink provide a great way of quickly and easily dealing with food and cooking waste within the home. Rather than putting food waste, vegetable peelings or other organic material into the waste, simply pour it into your food waste disposal, flick the switch and the waste will be turned into a liquid which will flow away through the drains. We stock a range of different waste disposal units to cater for different needs, including the famous brand Insinkerator, all of which are easy to install, use and will lower the amount of waste you send to landfill.


Complete the design of your new kitchen with our range of accessories, which has everything from baskets for your draining board to chopping boards and strainers. 


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