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Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit


InSinkErator Model E200 Evolution Waste Disposal Unit

Kitchen waste disposers are fast becoming an essential part of the kitchen, especially in a world where we’re all trying to cut down on the amount of unrecyclable waste that we produce. Kitchen waste is one of those things, especially in busy family homes. While some waste can be put into compost, the rest will have to go in the bin. This will quickly fill up the bin and lead to more trips to the outside bin, and ultimately more waste sent to a landfill.

The solution is to stop that waste from ever reaching the bin, and that’s where a food waste disposal unit comes into play.

Creating a waste-free kitchen.

A waste disposal unit from InSinkErator works without the need for blades or knives. Instead, it uses a spinning metal plate to push the waste against a grinding ring, crushing the waste down into fine particles. These particles are then pushed through small holes and out into the standard drainage system.

No bin, no smell, no mess.

A premium model.

The Evolution 200 is the top of the line in waste disposal units. It’s one of the most powerful and also quietest units available. It uses a three-stage grind to break down even the most difficult to grind food waste.

It's the perfect model for large families or those who entertain guests on a regular basis.

  • Operates 60% quieter than standard models.
  • Great convenience and easy installation with a built-in air switch.
  • A power boost circuit complete with microprocessor increases the torque to grind down even the toughest foods.
  • 1,180ml stainless steel grind chamber and superior stainless steel grinding elements to efficiently cut down waste.
  • 0.75hp continuous feed.
  • Includes a stainless steel strainer basket and plug.
  • An auto-reverse action extends product life and gives you hassle-free operation.
  • A cover control is available so it can be converted to a batch feed disposer.
  • Covered by a 6-year manufacturer guarantee.

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit Video

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit360 Image


Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal UnitProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 78127H
Boxed Weight 12kg

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal UnitDownloadable Documents

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal UnitDimensions

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit - Dimensions

£279.25 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £399.97 Save  £120

22 Available 

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Insinkerator Evolution 200 Kitchen Waste Disposal UnitReviews

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4.8/ 5
5 reviews
5/ 5

Brilliant unit quiet as a mouse. Delivered on time and competitive price will definitely use again.

ID: 100023365
5/ 5

Installed yesterday, noticeable that it is much quieter than our previous model. Rather difficult to match the outlet pipework with the main drain, as they are not the same diameter. Found a good solution with a FloPlast washing machine waste trap. Nice to see that the Sound Baffle can be removed easily for cleaning or replacement.

ID: 100024106
5/ 5

Very quite (hardy know when it's on) and it gets the job done!

ID: 100022915
4/ 5

Yes, if you want a quiet disposal that eats virtually everything you throw at it. A nice feature is being able to replace the rubber splash cover without taking the unit out. Hopefully, it should last many years.

ID: 100023936
5/ 5

Excellent product at a very good price. Quick delivery. Recommended. Thank you

ID: 100023955

£279.25 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £399.97 Save  £120

22 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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