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Hydrolux Walk In Shower Enclosures

Great Design and a Great Experience

A walk-in shower enclosure is the ultimate in luxury showering experiences. Once you’ve felt how great it feels when you can step straight into a shower without bothering with doors or worrying about getting the floor wet, you’ll never go back. Walk-in enclosures give you a sizeable space to move around in too, so you can stretch out and really enjoy your shower without accidentally hitting your body parts on part of a shower enclosure. They also give your eyes a real treat, with thin minimalistic chrome frames combined with crystal clear glass creating a spectacular effect in any bathroom. If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy a shower and something unique to really up the design in your bathroom, a Hydrolux walk-in shower enclosure is a perfect choice.

We recommend

Diamond Walk In Enclosure 8mm 1200 x 900mm 1 x 900 & 1 x 700

Was £399.97

Saving £140


  • Hydrolux Curved Walk In Enclosure with Left Hand Tray



  • Hydrolux Curved Walk In Enclosure with Right Hand Tray




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