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Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface Cleaner


Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface Cleaner

Several weeks after you buy a brand new shower enclosure it can start to look dull and dirty due to lime scale and soap scum build up from daily usage. Hydrolux offers a solution to this in the form of the ShowerShark; this light and user friendly squeegee is designed to remove the build-up of dirt without the usage of chemicals, leaving your bathroom both safer and cleaner.

Product Overview

The ShowerShark quickly and easily wipes away soap scum and lime scale from tiles and glass, and even works on curved surfaces leaving them sparkling clean and ready to impress, it can even help rejuvenate a much older shower area. The simple and easy usage means it takes just minutes to clean an entire enclosure after a shower, but don’t just limit the ShowerShark to the bathroom; you can also use the product in many other areas around the house, and outdoors. For example, try the ShowerShark as an ice scraper for your car, or use it next time you clean the windows in your house or car.

Product Usage

The ShowerShark has been designed for daily usage after a shower, and incorporates a fully moulded grip for extra comfort. The squeegee’s smooth curves and analogue lines give it a minimalist and decluttered appeal that means it will fit in well with your new, or current bathroom. As a result the ShowerShark is perfectly suited to any shower enclosure in need of sparking glass and shiny tiles.

The squeegee has a hard yet comfortable traffic white body manufactured from easy to clean PP plastic, with ultra-durable moulded space grey rubber blades on top to clear the water, from the photos you will see there is a small hole in the tip of the white body, a suction cup which is supplied in the box is inserted through this hole to allow you to attach the squeegee to the wall without having to alter your bathroom in anyway. Alternatively you can set the squeegee down to rest anywhere in the bathroom, for example the soap tray on your shower.


Overall the ShowerShark saves time and money, now you don’t need to buy expensive lime scale cleaning products for your shower enclosure to keep lime scale and soap scum at bay.

Features and Benefits:

  • Light weight, easy to use product.
  • Smooth handle with moulded grip for extra comfort.
  • Use with or without the supplied wall attachment.
  • Chemical free usage for allowing better safety and lower environmental impact.
  • Great looks won’t clutter your designer bathroom.
  • Innovative design swipes away water droplets.
  • Fantastic for usage on new, or existing bathrooms alike.

CE Approved

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Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface CleanerProduct Specification

Boxed Weight 1kg

Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface CleanerDownloadable Documents

£4.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £19.97 Save  75%

24 Available 

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Hydrolux ShowerShark Glass and Surface CleanerReviews

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4.8/ 5
12 reviews
5/ 5

An excellent product that is simple to use. I bought it in a plumbworld flash sale so it was excellent value.

ID: 100022159
5/ 5

Dont know why we never had one of this before a quick squidge round in the shower keeps it all sparkly clean

ID: 100023723
5/ 5

Purchased this which has proved to be the answer to our shower problems. A usefull bit of kit.

ID: 100021651
4/ 5

I live in a hard water area and have real problems with limescale , so when I saw this product I was eager to try it. It is a little fiddly to use on the shower screen and, to be honest, wiping down with a cloth is much easier, even if it does not produce quite such good results. However, on tiles it is brilliant, easy to use and gets rid of all limescale and product build-up completely, bringing them up to a 'just-installed' gloss and finish.

ID: 100022177
5/ 5

this shower shark cleaner is easy to use and does a good job, leaving the screen streak free.

ID: 100022121
5/ 5

Very good have used on shower closure, Windows very easy to use and would recommend to family and friends to purchase one, Thank you

ID: 100023321
5/ 5

Arrived on time, well packaged, easy to use and does the job very well.

ID: 100021009
5/ 5

Very very pleased, shower screen looks like new and squeaky clean and dry tiles, shall be ordering more as presents!!

ID: 100020461

£4.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £19.97 Save  75%

24 Available 

Offer ends in

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