Historical Facts About the Humble Bathroom


Let's face it, we all love facts, especially historical facts and that's why we are using our expert knowledge of the bathroom industry to bring you all of the history from the ancient times to the present day. 

Travel back thousands of years and learn how things originally started and how they have progressed in the 21st century.  

The History of the Toilet

The History of Showers 

The History of Toilets - Infographic

The History of Baths

The History of Showers - Infographic

The History of Sewers

The History of Hygiene

Why Toilets Can be Called 'The Crapper'

Stufetta del Bibbiena: The Vatican's Erotic-Muraled Bathroom

The Chinese Used Toilet Paper Before Anyone Else

The Ancient Ephesus Public Toilets

Alternative Words for Toilets and Where They Come From

Pissoirs: The History of Public Urinals in Paris

The Algerian Roman Bath Ruins Still in Use Today

The History of Toilet Paper: From Ancient China to Your Bathroom Wall

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