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Solutions To Heat Your House

Heating is pretty much a necessity in any household, especially considering the UK weather conditions. Whether you opt for heating in the form of a traditional convector radiator or something more tailored to the bathroom such as a heated towel rail, both are equally important in getting the job done. There’s nothing worse than stepping out the shower into a cold room or getting home from work to a freezing cold house, but thanks to innovative and affordable equipment, you no longer have to worry about this problem. With a wide range of efficient and stylish heating solutions, Plumbworld provide everything you need to get your house up to temperature!

Things To Consider When Buying A Heating System:

A lot of people rush to install a heating system and this can cause problems. A heating system shouldn’t be hastily installed because there’s a chance you will end up replacing it a year after simply because it wasn’t really what you wanted. Whereas if you allow sufficient time to properly research and fit the system you want, the result will be considerably better in the long run. However, there are a wide variety of things you can install and the following things need to be considered:

Bathroom Specific: Many people are still under the illusion that you have to use ‘regular’ heating systems in the bathroom such as a convector radiator. But that’s not the case thanks to clever styling advancements that have made dedicated bathroom radiators a realistic prospect. Rather than installing a chunky convector radiator in your bathroom, you can now opt to install a more low-profile heating solution in order to utilise space more efficiently. These designs take the form of heated towel rails or radiators which also double as a towel storage area; making them one of the most suitable choices for bathroom heating.

Designer Options: Don’t think you have to settle for the bog standard option all the time, with Plumbworld’s luxury range of designer heating you can give a room the heat it deserves without compromising on style or efficiency. Not only will the installation of a designer piece give your room an aesthetic edge but it will also provide you with unrivalled heating capabilities and an unmatched build quality. No longer do you have to plague rooms you’ve spent hours designing with a bland, generic radiator; now you can give it the finishing touch it deserves thanks to a wide range of designer options from Plumbworld.

Everything You Need: Whilst many other retailers will stop at just supplying you the radiator, we’ve made sure to go the extra mile and make sure you have everything you need to heat your house in style. Whether you’ve opted for a regular convector radiator and want a nice cover for it or you’ve chosen one of our luxury heated towel rails and need specific angled valves to fit your system – we’ve got what you need. You might even want to opt for a completely none-standard way to warm your room and that’s fine because we also supply underfloor heating along with a variety of other innovative products.

Stay In Control: With heating bills continually rising, making sure your heating system is as efficient as possible is a must. With central heating controls you no longer need to heat the house when you aren’t there and you can set it to only come on when it’s really needed. Not only does this save you money in bills, but it will add to the lifespan of your system by not overworking it when it doesn’t need to be on. Efficiency can also be increased by investing in one of Plumbworld’s proven cleaners which flush out any contamination and deposits that may be negatively impacting your system’s performance.


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