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Heated Towel Rails - Electric

Electric Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails and radiators can come in electric versions as well as regular options that are powered by the central heating system. The benefit that electric towel rails offer over other versions is that they can be installed in places where it is difficult or impossible to connect the central heating system to. Therefore, even if your bathroom isn’t connected to your main heating system you can still enjoy the comfort of stepping out the shower into a warm room with hot, dry towels. The stunning range of towel rails at Plumbworld enables you to create a stunning designer look without breaking the bank – just another way we’re doing what we can to help you create your perfect bathroom.

We recommend

Duratherm Curved Electric Towel Rail 1200 x 600mm Thermostatic

Was £299.98

Saving £120


The Benefits Of Electric

Whilst many people will always prefer gas to heat areas of their house, electric can in fact be more beneficial in certain instances. For example, with an electric heated towel rail you can simply choose to turn it on for around the time you have your shower or bath, then straight after you can turn it off. Operating it this way will save you money on bills whilst still providing you with the warm room and towels you’d get with gas; it’s truly the best of both worlds. The benefits of an electrical towel rail will shine through in the summer when you just want to dry towels as opposed to heating the whole house, thus being even more efficient and saving money on heating costs.

Stunning Looks & Designer Styling

At Plumbworld we always want to ensure you get the very best value for money, but we also want to make sure that your bathroom looks great. All towel rails we sell feature different designs from S-type rails to the more conventional ones which people are used to. With aesthetics in mind, our selection of electric towel rails all have stunning visual elements making them both functional and attractive to look at. As opposed to many cheaper retailers who sell lower quality towel rails which reflect in the overall finish and can bring the look of the bathroom down. Keep your bathroom to a high standard and buy with assurance from Plumbworld.

Simple Installation

A lot of people worry about the installation on bathroom fittings, but with these electric towel rails from Plumbworld, fitting won’t be such a headache. Wall mounting brackets and other required fixings are included in the purchase of most of our towel rails to ensure you have the simplest and most efficient experience.

Energy Efficiency

Our range of electric heated towel rails boast fantastic efficiency figures to ensure that even when they’re on full blast, they won’t be wasting your hard earned money on heating bills. Thanks to an intelligent design focused around optimal heating methods, your towel rail will be providing a generous amount of heat for a fraction of the regular cost. All models offer low energy use without compromising on heat output or transfer making them a perfect addition for the bathroom and your wallet.


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