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Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)


Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)

This multifunctional tool can be used for many flexible sealants and caulks.

The kit includes:
3 Tools - 16 different ways of use:
1 x 180°C angle
1 x 90°C angle
4 x 45°C angle (16, 10, 8, 5mm)
3 x concave grooves (r = 5, 10, 15mm)
7 x convex shapes (30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 8, 6 x 3mm)
Swallow-tail tool for tight corners and hard to reach areas

Application of masking tape and cleaning afterwards is no longer necessary. Due to the design of the FUGI there is no need to use a releasing agent and the desired form of sealing can be applied without leaving a greasy-film. Mistakes can be repaired by simply re-grouting, however, this works only if the sealing-grout/caulk has not yet bonded (Cellulite-skin surface).

All pastes, silicone, acrylic and polyurethane can be applied as a sealant, and flexible grouts are able to be formed with the FUGI paying attention to the Manufacturer's instructions.

By holding the FUGI so that it fits seamlessly to the wall and floor, slight pressure is applied so the flexible cutting edges fit well into the wall angle. Always use the absolutely smooth edge for spreading. Work step by step, by only doing short distances. Should the sealant go above the FUGI, stop spreading, and clean FUGI with a household paper towel.

The FUGI can be used on all smooth, rough or wave-like surfaces. When working on uneven surfaces push a little harder onto flexible edges.

*Packaging may differ from that illustrated

CE Approved

Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece) Video

Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)360 Image


Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)Product Specification

Manufacturer Part Number 3 Piece
Boxed Weight 0.04kg

£9.42 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £17.94 Save  47%

34 Available 

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Fugi Applicator Kit (3 Piece)Reviews

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4.8/ 5
11 reviews
5/ 5

Picked these up after my plumber recommended them for getting a proper professional finish on our bath (silicone sealant needed replacing). Honestly I made a complete hash of it the first time using these, no fault of the tool, just the user (me) not knowing which sides to use. After ripping the first lot out and repeating with a better technique it came up looking pretty good. Like anything this can be a bit tricky to master, suggest trying first using a cardboard box with low sidings to practice your technique before unleashing your enthusiasm on your bath/tiling etc!

ID: 100010514
5/ 5

Makes applying sealant really easy,leaves a very professional finish

ID: 100014718
5/ 5

This product is brilliant. Its the best money I have ever spent. Used it to finish off my Kitchen. It's given all the masking a professional finish. Its so easy to use and its wipe clean too. I would highly reccomend it.

ID: 100001708
5/ 5

Excellent product delivered by an excellent company.

ID: 100001603
5/ 5

I was recommended to the Fugi Applicator Kit and it works like I was expecting - perfectly!

ID: 100000287
5/ 5

Looks good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ID: 100020646
5/ 5

Creating a smooth professional looking silicon joint is really, really difficult. I have never managed to do it ... until now, thanks to the fugi kit. I bought it because I was impressed by the reviews, and the video on You Tube. It seems a bit expensive for three small pieces of plastic, but it does work and I could not have done without it. There is a cheaper alternative from Unibond but there is only one tool (similar to one of the three in the fugi set) but it provides fewer angles and options, in particular if you have to deal with tight spaces (such as behind a sink tap).

ID: 100000392
4/ 5

Good to use if you are a DIYer

ID: 100022950
4/ 5

Made applying silicone around my bath so much easier and left you with a very professional Finnish. There is nothing worse than going to the effort to put in a new bath, shower or sink only to ruin it with a shabby silicone job. Definately recommend the fugi applicator kit.

ID: 100002598

£9.42 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £17.94 Save  47%

34 Available 

Price Guaranteed For

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