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Franke Kitchen Sinks

Franke Kitchen Sinks - Quality Design from an Internationally Respected Brand

As a Swiss brand that’s worked its way from humble beginnings to becoming the largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks in the world, this respected global brand knows a thing or two about quality. Franke consistently researchers the development of new materials and kitchen products so they can bring customers only the very best. Their attention to detail and use of high-quality materials is clearly evident in a range of stainless steel kitchen sinks; whether you need two bowls or one. Elegant modern looks combine with durable and hygienic stainless steel to create sinks that both look great and make you want to keep on cooking!

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Franke Galassia GAX 611 1 Bowl Kitchen Sink Right Hand Drainer

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Franke Kitchen Sinks - History

Franke was established in 1911 as a sheet-metal business in Rorschach, Switzerland, by Hermann Franke. Diversification over the years led to expansion into the kitchens market. They started to produce stainless steel sinks in the early 1930’sand the company quickly developed a reputation for producing state of the art  sinks for the modern home. Today, Franke is the largest manufacturer of stainless steel sinks in the world, and as their policy of investing in product and innovation and design, the company seems set to continue this aim of creating stunning kitchen sinks in the next century too. So you can buy in confidence, knowing that your new kitchen sink, tap or other accessories are backed by a long history of quality manufactured, balanced with excellence in design The Franke business now has its headquarters in Asburg in Switzerland. From there they export to over 100 countries, operating 68 subsidiaries and employing over 9,000 people. They are the market leaders in high quality kitchen sinks, both stainless steel and composite materials. If you buy a Franke Kitchen sink, you are buying one of the best.

Franke Kitchen Sinks - Make It Wonderful

Franke’s corporate slogan is “Make it Wonderful”, and that neatly sums up what this Swiss company and its products are all about. Franke prides itself on taking everyday objects such as sinks and taps and making them into something stunning and wonderful. It’s an attempt to set themselves apart from all of the other sink and tap companies making ordinary products, and judging by their products, they’re certainly succeeding. Franke is strongly focused on innovation, design and exceptional service, and this shines through in each of the many distinctive, high-quality products which they make. Our wide range of Franke sinks, taps and matching kitchen accessories will bring the “Make it Wonderful” ethos right into your kitchen at home.

Franke - High Quality Products for Modern Living

The kitchen is the centre of any busy family home, and our range of Franke products will not only help you use your kitchen efficiently to make family life easier, they are stylish enough to impress your friends and family too. Just think about all of the occasions during the day when you use the sink or run the tap and you’ll realise what a difference a great product can make. Blending in effortlessly whatever the style of your kitchen units, the quality of the Franke products you choose guarantees years of hassle-free use in your home. It’s not often that you find a product range which combines quality and style in such an elegant way, but we’re convinced that when you see the Franke range and think about how you can use it in your own home, you’ll be convinced about it too.


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