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Fernox - Protecting Your Water Systems

Fernox is a key part of every successful heating system. We all want to ensure that both our shiny new heating systems and one that’s been in the home for generations remains as efficient as the day it was installed. Using Fernox is the ideal way to ensure that protection lasts for years, with just one treatment applied to up to 10 radiators lasting for at least 5 years. We also supply other Fernox products including; limescale remover, internal leak sealer and various types of protectors to give your heating system the longevity you deserve.

  • Fernox Hawk White Jointing Compound 200g - 61025



  • Fernox LS-X Leak Sealer 50ml - 61016



  • Fernox Central Heating Cleaner F3 Liquid 500ml - 56600



  • Fernox Superconcentrate Limescale Preventer 450g - 61015



  • Fernox Central Heating Protector F1 Liquid 500ml - 56599



  • Fernox DS-3 Limescale Remover 2kg - 61027



  • Fernox F5 Liquid Central Heating Powerflushing Cleaner 1 Litre - 56608



  • Fernox Central Heating Leak Sealer F4 Express Aerosol 265ml - 58232



  • Fernox F5 Express Aerosol Central Heating Cleaner 280ml - 58230



  • Fernox Alphi-11 Central Heating Protector & Anti Freeze 5 Litre - 61033



  • Fernox DS40 System Cleaner 1.9kg - 61102



  • Fernox TF1 Compact Filter - 62131



  • Fernox TF1 Compact Filter Installer's Pack - 62169





Fernox – Manufacturing & Quality

Fernox manufactures a wide range of water treatment product, totalling in excess of 120 distinct lines for both the domestic and commercial sectors. All Fernox products are manufactured in Europe to ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards. Each proprietary chemical formula is protected by trade secrecy and patent laws to prevent unauthorised use.

Fernox is justifiably proud of its long history of quality manufacturing and of its ongoing dedication to maintaining the very highest standards by exceeding all widely recognised quality protocols and practices. The firm is regularly evaluated by the British Standards Institute and also carries out its own extensive audits. Many of Fernox products have been awarded the COSHH zero standing environmental status


Research & Development at Fernox

Fernox is also the only water treatment business with dedicated Research facilities and chemical specialists in-house, operating at sites in both the United Kingdom and India. They benefit from an extensive team of PhD chemists and other scientists. They focus on both emerging nano-technologies as well as conventional product development. 

Fernox's high ethical standards apply to all R&D activities which includes a strict policy which forbids any form of testing on animals. Its chemical products have been granted KIWA approvals and Belgaqua/Buildcert accreditations. They are committed to ensuring that they continue to surpass the most comprehensive best practice standards in the entire water treatment industry. This even extends to the supply chain, in fact, every supplier to fernox is carefully evaluated on the basis of its ethicality.




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