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Essentials 3 Mode Shower Head - Chrome


Essentials 3 Mode Shower Head – Chrome

While a shower is used for washing off the accumulated grime of a day’s hard graft, keeping clean isn’t the only reason we continue to jump under those streams of lovely hot water (or cold water if it’s a particular hot and sweaty day). We also shower for a relaxing and stress-relieving time. It’s a moment of joy away from endless office spreadsheets and noisy kids, so we want that shower to be the best shower we’ve ever had. We’ve all had bad experiences where a better shower would have been had from stepping underneath a dripping drainpipe, so why go through that again?

The answer isn’t always to get a whole brand new shower. Often your showering experience can be improved simply by changing the shower head, and when it’s one like this Essentials Shower Head it’s easy to see why. It features three different settings; a standard spray, a heavenly pulsating massage and a refreshing mist. Whatever mood you’re in, this shower head has a setting for you.

So don’t put up with a poor shower experience; replace your shower head for one low price.

Features and Benefits:

  • Three luxurious modes; spray, pulsating massage and mist.
  • Easy clean rubber tips will keep your shower gunk free.
  • Finished in a stunning chrome, with a light grey faceplate and rubber tips.
  • Diameter: 110mm
CE Approved

Essentials 3 Mode Shower Head - ChromeProduct Specification

Product Type Shower Head
Finish Chrome
Spray Modes 3
Head Type Adjustable
Boxed Weight 2.58kg

Essentials 3 Mode Shower Head - ChromeDimensions

Essentials  3 Mode Shower Head - Chrome - Dimensions

£6.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £15.97 Save  56%

33 Available 

£6.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £15.97 Save  56%

33 Available 

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