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Crown Water Heater 10 Litre Undersink


Crown Water Heater 10 Litre Undersink

This new rapid water heater is particularly appropriate where small but frequent quantities of hot water are required in a short time.

The storage vessel is constructed from heavy gauge electro-welded sheet steel, It is internally very carefully treated with high quality materials to give long lasting protection against corrosion and the maximum hygiene of the water.

Further protection against corrosion is given by an easy accessible sacrificial magnesium anode, installed directly on the heating element. In addition, the unit is also protected by two nylon MandF pipe connectors, which eliminate the risk of electrolytic actions.

The 1/2" inlet and outlet pipework connections are spaced 100mm apart, making the water heater interchangeable with most heaters on the market.

The inlet cold water pipe is provided with a nylon flow-breaker; while,, to enable the removal of the lime scale deposits, the hot water outlet pipe, fabricated from stainless steel, can be easily drawn out.

The water is heated by a copper sheathed, rod-type element, and the water temperature is easily adjusted via the thermostat, mounted on the front casting. A higher limit thermostat is also provided for protection against overheating. A safety valve set at 8 Bar is provided.

The unit is insulated via a high density CFC free pre-formed polystyrene sections, giving a high degree of energy conversion.

The latest model is both attractive and efficient, and is designed for installation even in the most restricted space.

The external casing is manufactured from high impact resistant plastic, which protects against corrosion, dents and scratches for long life.

The safety, the quality and the efficiency of the new water heater is certified by the German safely mark TUV - GS.

Not to be used if distance between stop-cock and water heater is less than 2.8 Metres. (Use version with expansion vessel instead).

Features and Benefits:

  • Two neon indicators: ‘Power on’ and ‘Heating Up’
  • On/Off switch
  • 2 year all parts warranty
  • Robust, heavy duty casing
  • Stylish looks, easy clean
  • Pre-wired including 1m of cable for connection to a 13amp supply
  • Temperature regulation down to 5°C for frost protection
  • Nickel plated immersion heater giving added corrosion protection.
  • Flanged immersion heater for easy removal/cleaning
  • Huge sacrifi cial anode for long life
  • Heavy duty steel tank with high grade glass lining
  • Full range of free accessories including: safety valve; wall hangers; screws & rawl plugs; nylon adapters for protection against electrolytic action with
  • washers (for improved sealing) and comprehensive instructions
  • Accurate high limit thermostat to eliminate false ‘lock out’
CE Approved

Crown Water Heater 10 Litre UndersinkProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number ERS/210
Boxed Weight 7.5kg

Crown Water Heater 10 Litre UndersinkDownloadable Documents

£129.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £199.97 Save  £70

5 Available 

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4.0/ 5
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4/ 5

Pros: Easy to install, Looks good, Value for money, Well Made

Cons: None

Arrived well packed and ahead of promised delivery date plus at a good price, so overall very pleased. It was very easy to fix and works well on mid setting of thermostat with fast recovery time and enjoying it's convenience.

ID: 100020435

£129.97 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £199.97 Save  £70

5 Available 

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