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Cramer Deluxe Ceramic Care Bundle


You know the problem: paint marks, adhesive residue, lime scale, metal abrasions and tough stains on bath and shower basins, ceramic sanitary fixtures, sinks, tiles and floors

Often, normal cleaning products fail to remove these residues or cause damage and discolouration to the material

Bath Rubber helps you to eliminate these problems. Bath Rubber's composition enables you to thoroughly remove deposits without scratching. Usable on enamel, ceramic and chrome surfaces.

Bath Scuff Removing Rubber
Removes mould and dirt from grout
Blank Spacer Bath Scuff Removing Rubber
Removes scuff marks from tiles
Bath Scuff Removing Rubber
Removes scuff marks from baths
Blank Spacer Bath Scuff Removing Rubber
Removes stubborn water marks from baths

for ceramic and enamel surfaces.


  • Highly effective
  • Thorough cleaning without scratching
  • Hardened lime build-up in the bathtub and sink
  • Adhesive residue and tough stains on ceramic tiles.
  • Tough stains in tile joints
  • Metal abrasions from ceramic sanitary fixtures and enamel
  • Easy to use

Email-Star Ceramic, Porcelain, Enamel and Chrome Polish

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for the intensive cleaning, spring cleaning and more
  • Suitable for porcelain/ceramic, enamel, high-grade chrome
  • Acid free and gentle on the skin
  • Gently cleans surfaces
  • Pleasent scent
  • Eco-friendly
  • Concentrated cleaning compound
  • Dirt-repellent due to beading/lotus effect
  • 100ml compound

Kitchen & Bath Touch-Up Alpine White

So What Does A Touch Up Kit Do?

  • Perfect to touch-up flaws, scratches, defects and minor damage on bathroom fixtures and appliances.
  • Use on baths, taps, basins, sinks, kitchen appliances, radiators.
  • The Touch-Up Stick allows and easy, instantaneous and inexpensive repair on enamelled cast iron and steel, ceramic, fibreglass, acrylic and other similar material in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Heat resistant to 60°C.
CE Approved

Cramer Deluxe Ceramic Care Bundle Video

Cramer Deluxe Ceramic Care BundleProduct Specification

Manufacturer Part Number CRMCBNDL04
Boxed Weight 0.29kg

£29.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £39.97 Save  24%

27 Available 

Cramer Deluxe Ceramic Care BundleReviews

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4.9/ 5
16 reviews
4/ 5

This product is designed for a small repair, mine was approximately 5mm long by 3mm wide and 1mm deep. It provides an economic solution to retain an existing ceramic sink, especially when a replacement is not available. Requires full drying prior to application, I left it unused for two weeks, I used a hairdryer throughout to speed up the drying process after each minimal application per coat polished off with a pad of toilet tissue to remove any spill on to the surrounding ceramic surface. Total applications were 3 coats [and polish off] a day for a week. leave for a week to fully harden. Has been used for two weeks now with hot water with no apparent degradation

ID: 100007110
5/ 5

ID: 100005095
5/ 5

I came across this product some years ago and have used it ever since. Great for removing stubborn stains on enamel baths.

ID: 100006154
5/ 5

thinking about a bath resurface, contacted cramerUK who suggested I try this first. Saved a fortune ...this product has done what no other product would do and I've tried numerous. Also has restored expensive twin sink in utility I was thinking of replacing to near new condition. Now will try the acrylic product. Excellent service from Plumbworld. Not a great internet shopper but this experience is very encouraging well done Plumbworld .

ID: 100001400
4/ 5

Only used to get a stain off a toilet pan. It worked so if it does tiles and baths then it is very good product

ID: 100020528
5/ 5

I purchased this product to use on my basin which had a rust stain on it. The bath rubber got rid of the rust stain with about 30 seconds of gentle rubbing. I have tried all sorts of cleaners and nothing made any difference to the stain. This product has sorted it, no problem.
Its amazing. I don't know how it does it, but I'm extremely impressed with the bath rubber. I am looking forward to using it all over my bathroom!

ID: 100019592
5/ 5

It was easy to apply and onc dry, it hardly shows up (only if you look for it). Perfect!

ID: 100002345
5/ 5

dropped tile in plastic bath, took about 2mm of bath, at bottom of bath, which was brand new. used the product which put the 2mm back, cant even tell,

ID: 100000775

£29.98 (Inc. VAT)

RRP £39.97 Save  24%

27 Available 

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