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Calm your Senses with Coram Showers.

When it comes to shower enclosures, shower trays and bath screens, the team at Coram sure knows what they’re doing. Experts in design and engineering, Coram take pride in developing bathroom fittings that continue to provide a satisfying experience for years to come. As it’s based in Britain, you’ll also be supporting a local company who always have quality at the forefront of their minds. Using the latest in bathroom technology for operation and aftercare, Coram ensures that your bathroom is as stress-free as possible.

Designed and Made in the UK

For many customers, one of the biggest selling points about the Coram shower cabinet range is that they are designed and manufactured in the UK. From their base in Shropshire the Coram team both designs and produces a wide range of shower cabinets and shower trays to suit every home and style of bathroom. A purchase of a Coram product doesn’t just mean you’ll be getting a great quality cabinet or shower tray, it also means you’ll be supporting jobs, industry and innovative bathroom design and technology right here in the UK and buying from an established brand which has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in the bathroom market. Coram isn’t standing still though, and is constantly innovating and developing more products. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Such is their confidence in the quality and durability of their shower trays and trays that Coram offer a lifetime guarantee on each and every one of them. This guarantee covers you against faulty trays or cabinets or mistakes during the manufacturing process, and means that if your cabinet or tray breaks, Coram will replace it, free of charge. Coram products are also among the safest out there. They don’t just test the final products to make sure they conform to EU standards, each component of that product is thoroughly tested too. Look also at their StayClean glass system which will cut down on your cleaning time too with a microscopic surface coating on the glass which prevents limescale and grime building up on your shower cabinet. 

Design and Innovation Expertise

Over the years, the Coram range has expanded considerably to take into account our changing needs in the bathroom, and they now produce a range of shower cabinets and trays which will fit every bathroom. Whether you’re in the market for a shower cabinet, tray or a screen for a shower fitted over the bath, there’s a Coram product out there to suit. They are also designed to make installation easy, and every cabinet can be installed by one person working alone. Their designs are all about modern living and making your bathroom as easy to use as it can be, and their good reputation for aftercare and high quality products makes purchasing and installing a Coram cabinet or shower tray simple. 


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