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Bi-Fold Door Shower Enclosures

Bi-Fold Shower Doors, Enclosures & Side Panels

A bi-fold shower door has the luxury of being able to work with shower enclosures that are both recessed and fully enclosed with panels. A bi-fold door does exactly what it says on the tin, it folds in on itself to make space for users to enter and exit the shower with ease. The door is essentially split into two allowing it to concertina within the showering area, thus reducing the amount of clearance space required outside of the shower enclosure. This is an elegant solution for full shower enclosures as well as alcoves and it may well provide more benefits in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium.

Space Saving Design

Many shower doors require you to have a certain amount of free space outside of the shower enclosure to allow the door to open fully. With a bi-fold door, this is no longer a problem thanks to its innovative solution which allows the door to fold in on itself in a concertina effect. Therefore, rather than the door opening outwards and wasting space in the bathroom, it actually folds across, towards the corner of the frame without impeding the showering area. The bi-fold door really lends itself to a functional bathroom as you can place usable fittings right outside the shower such as a towel rail and the door will not cause any complications.

Reliable Quality

Plumbworld’s comprehensive range of bi-fold shower doors all come with toughened safety glass up to 8mm in thickness which ensures the highest level of safety and quality. The frames and closing mechanisms are all manufactured to the strictest standards that enforce rigorous testing to ensure the enclosure door will stand the test of time even when used by a large family several times a day for many years. You can rest assured that your shower door will complement the rest of your high quality bathroom fittings thanks to Plumbworld’s high quality guarantee.

Is A Bi-Fold Door Right For You?

Like most things in the bathroom, you’ll first need to work out the sizing, available space and styling. Thanks to the clever design of the bi-fold door, you can install it in a full enclosure or an alcove, but regardless, you will still need to measure the opening to find out what size door you need. Many doors start at around 700 or 760mm and range up to 1000mm to suit larger enclosures. All of the doors in this range offer a range of adjustability to suit walls that aren’t a perfect size; so even if your wall measures 734mm (or something equally awkward), the door will still fit flush and create a watertight seal. Whilst some shower doors require a certain amount of space outside of the enclosure, the bi-fold door doesn’t suffer from the same drawbacks, so this doesn’t need to be taken into account. After you’ve sorted out the sizing, you can begin to focus on styling and ensure your door matches the look of your bathroom. With chrome and white options with different styles of handle, there’s a shower door to suit everyone at Plumbworld. Where possible try to stick with similar styling rather than mixing chrome fittings with a white door or round handles with square taps etc. Thanks to a comprehensive selection, creating the bathroom of your dreams will be as simple as possible when shopping with Plumbworld.


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