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Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom lighting is one of the simplest ways to enhance the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. Many people don’t realise just how much impact the lighting in a bathroom can have until they experience it. At Plumbworld we have an extensive range of wall lights for the bathroom which have been proven to improve aesthetics whilst being durable and resilient to bathroom conditions. Our bathroom wall lights offer tremendous value for money along with features that put them in another league to cheaper quality lights. A high quality glass and construction combined with dimmable and energy saving features ensures we offer the best range of bathroom lighting on the market at present.

  • Forum Hydra Wall Light Fitting



    Forum Lighting
  • Forum Corvus Wall Light Fitting



    Forum Lighting
  • Forum Aries 2 Light Wall Fitting



    Forum Lighting
  • Forum Ara Wall Light Fitting



    Forum Lighting
  • Saxby 39148 Convesso Contemporary Switched Bathroom Dual Voltage Wall Shaver Light Chrome



    Saxby Lighting

Fantastic Features

As technology has advanced, the simple light has become much more than the basic necessity it once was. Now, the majority of new lighting comes with a variety of additional features which only help increase the effectiveness and usability of lighting in general. Many of the bathroom wall lights we stock feature pull switches for easy light management as well as dimmable options which gives you much more control over the light given out. Dimmer switches and compatible lights will aid your bathroom as you’ll be able to alter your lighting at any given time dependent upon your mood and the atmosphere you want to achieve. These features coupled with energy efficient technology ensures your bathroom will be both visually stunning and economical on the bills.

Enhanced Lighting

As mentioned, intelligent, well positioned bathroom lights can considerably increase the look of a bathroom for the fraction of a cost of an entire new suite. More often than not, well implemented lighting solutions can provide the finishing touch for the otherwise perfect bathroom that was just ‘missing something’. The positioning for bathroom lighting is often key to creating the perfect atmosphere and setting for relaxing baths as well as invigorating showers. Making the most of alcoves and wall hung cabinets to cast shadows can further increase this effect if done well.

Zones & Ratings

When it comes to electrical fittings and the bathroom, you have to be a bit careful since electricity and moisture doesn’t mix very well. Thankfully, there are ratings and zones which help you work out what fittings are suitable for the bathroom and where they’re able to be positioned. Zones range from 0 to 3 and this defines what IP standards are required in order to fit in that location. This ensures maximum safety to the user as well as compliance for build regulations.
Zone 0: This covers the area inside the bath or shower. Fittings are required to have a minimum rating of IP67 - this provides total protection for water submersion. Fittings must also be SELV with a maximum voltage of 12Volts.
Zone 1: Areas directly above the shower or bath up to a maximum height of 225cm fall into this zone. IP rating has to be a minimum of IP44 and if water jets are going to be used for cleaning, IPX5 is required.
Zone 2: A 60cm strip above zone 1 and parallel to the bath or shower defines this zone. Similar to zone 1, it requires an IP44 rating or IPX5 if water jets are used for cleaning the area. It should also be noted that a 60cm radius around washbasin taps is also considered zone 2 to be on the side of caution.
Zone 3: This is the zone that is outside of all the other zones; consider this a ‘safe area’. Technically no specific IP rating is required for installation in this zone, but it’s recommended that bathroom fitters abide by the general rules outlined in BS7671.

For a graphical overview of all the zones in the bathroom and their positions; just click here. If you are unsure about anything, consult an electrician or a professional in the bathroom industry who will be able to advise further.


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