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Bathroom Vanity Units

Bathroom Vanity Units For Traditional or Contemporary Homes

Bathroom Vanity Units are the “must-have” item of bathroom furniture. These useful pieces of furniture combine a sink with either cupboards or drawers underneath. Vanity units come in a variety of widths and depths, so make sure you have measured the space available before you purchase your new unit.


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Icona Classic White Floor Standing Vanity Unit & Basin - 900mm Width

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Bathroom Vanity Units, also called Bathroom Vanities of Bathroom Sink Units are a great way to get extra storage into the bathroom. Here at Plumbworld we know that more bathroom storage is one of the most important needs of our customers. Unfortunately, the average size of a bathroom in the UK doesn’t allow for many places to add more storage, so the best thing to do is to find something that can combine more than one feature. These units are a great answer to that need, combining a stylish basin with an eye-catching cabinet that holds plenty of extra storage space.


Choose from a wide range of versatile designs in various colours and sizes from some of the best bathroom manufacturers in the world. We take pride in only selecting the highest quality units to present to our customers, so you can be sure whatever you choose will have great build quality and will remain a big feature in your bathroom for years to come.


Some of the larger vanity units may have room for two sinks, or more than two cupboards or drawers. You'll need space to pull the drawers or doors open wide to get at what’s inside, so think carefully about the position and access before committing to buying. Check that the storage space inside gives you enough room to store what you need and that it isn’t taken up entirely by the pipework and drainage for the sinks above.



Bathroom Vanity Units – The Different Types



Unsurprisingly these units are raised off the floor and fixed to the wall. These work particularly well in smaller bathrooms where a wall mounted toilet is also installed, leaving the floor area clear and giving a sense of space. This type has a little less room to store things then free-standing models owing to their compact design (They lose the space between their base and the floor!) . Never-the-less they are very stylish and their smaller size renders them perfect for en-suites, cloakrooms and other small bathroom areas where space is at a premium.



These vanity units stand on the floor and are produced in a huge variety of sizes and designs. Most will have one or more internal shelves to assist in the organization of toiletries and other bathroom clutter.



If you have a Victorian or Georgian design theme, then this style of unit is perfect to give your bathroom an authentic, period feel. The designs of the time eschewed minimalism and straight lines and of course modern gloss finish materials were not available. The Traditional styles, therefore, tend to be wood veneers, or painted wood and have more surface pattern to the doors. Handles tend to be more ornate.



Shiny, easy clean gloss finishes. Crisp well-defined lines and edges. These are the hallmarks of the contemporary styles. Available in the ever popular monochrome choices of black and white, they are also available it rich reds, dusky greys and exotic wood colours. They tend to have straight chrome bar handles, or handles recessed into the doors to maintain the sharp lines.



What Should You Look Out For?


Soft Close Doors or Drawers

Soft closing doors or drawers add a touch of class to any vanity unit. Rather than slamming shut they glide effortlessly and soundlessly shut. Now to be correct we should point out that soft-closing and self-closing refer to two slightly different systems. Soft-closing hinges are always self-closing, but it is also possible to have self-closing hinges that close the drawer or door, with a bang! "Soft"-closing means that it glides almost silently into the closed position. When the door is pushed, its momentum takes it so far, and then the hydraulic hinges take over and gently ease it through the final part of its journey. Soft close doors cost extra to manufacture, so when comparing prices make sure you are comparing like with like!


Number of shelves

Its physical dimensions do not solely determine the storage capacity of a vanity unit. If you don’t have enough shelving, or if the configuration of the shelves is poor then much of that precious space will be unusable for storing your shampoo! Take the time to look at the number of shelves and where they are located before making a decision. If the shelves are adjustable, that’s even better.


Rigid or Self-Assembly Flat Pack ?

Do you want to spend your weekend trying to assemble a vanity unit? Rigid vanity units come pre-assembled, so you just have to put them in place. Again pre-assembly increases the cost of manufacture so when comparing prices make sure you are not comparing a flat-pack unit with Chinese instructions to something more substantial that comes pre-assembled.


The length of The Guarantee?

It is of course very difficult to judge the quality of a vanity unit when purchasing online. The two things to look out for are the quantity and quality of reviews left by real customers. However, if the range is new, then the length of guarantee is a giveaway. Run a mile from any unit with a 12-month guarantee as units like this should last much longer. Look for a five year guarantee to be sure that you are getting the quality you expect.




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