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Bathroom Suites (With Bath)

Reduce the Effort at an Affordable Price

You could spend hours searching through hundreds of bathroom suites to find the perfect match for a brand new bathroom, or you could let us do all the legwork and buy one of our bathroom suites complete with a bath. We’ve carefully curated bath packages so that you can easily create your ideal bathroom with hardly any effort. We pack everything you need in our quality designer packages, and then we give them an affordable price so that you can both reduce the impact on your bank account and reduce the time spent looking. Can it get any easier?

We recommend

Essentials Vanity Unit Bathroom Suite

Was £399.97

Saving £170



Which Type of Bath is Right for you?

Whilst a refreshing shower might be the perfect solution for the busy Executive first thing in the morning, there is nothing quite like taking time to relax in a hot, bubble filled, bath. The health benefits of a hot bath are well known. The only question is what type of bath is right for you. For romantics, the choice is clear, a double ended bath where two can enjoy relaxing without arguing about who sits at the tap end! If you are pushed for space, then a shorter than standard: 1500mm or 1600mm bath is the perfect choice. Of course, if you have a large bathroom and a sizeable budget then you may wish to choose the glamorous option of a Free Standing bath. Here at Plumbworld we have all the options covered but if you need more assistance in choosing the correct bath take a look at our comprehensive bath buyers guide.


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