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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Storage Solutions With A Reflection

A bathroom mirror cabinet combines two of the most sought after fittings in the bathroom; a stylish mirror and a storage cabinet. As this combination product fulfils the roles of two separate pieces, it lends itself very well to the bathroom environment since space is often at a premium. By combining these two essential pieces of bathroom kit into one item, you save both money and space. The range of bathroom mirror cabinets at Plumbworld is one of the most extensive online, and due to this there's a wide variety of different designs and styles to suit your individual requirements.

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Vasari Turin Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 900mm

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Functionality & Style Combined

Aside from heated towel rails, a bathroom mirror cabinet is one of the only items that combines two common bathroom features into one. Not only do you get the functionality of a mirror which helps you get ready in the morning, but you also get additional storage area as you would with a regular cabinet. This is truly a ‘two birds, one stone’ kind of product and it should arguably be present in any bathroom where functionality and efficiency is of maximum importance. The other upside is that bringing two bathroom elements into one single combined product makes for much neater styling aesthetically. Often, cabinets can be quite hard to match with the bathroom, but thanks to the mirrored doors this hindrance is usually overcome with ease.

Space Saving Solutions

As touched on above, chances are we’ve all lived in a house which has quite a confined bathroom and for this reason, we’ve done our best to create space efficient products. Our stunning range of bathroom mirror cabinets is just one of the innovative ways in which we’re trying to utilise space more effectively in the bathroom. Rather than taking up twice the wall space with a separate cabinet and mirror, they’ve been combined in order to provide storage and the features of a regular mirror. It allows you to keep your beauty essentials where you need them, rather than scattered around on the washbasin or ledges. Not only will this keep your bathroom tidier, but it will also make your family more organised in the mornings as they’ll know where everything is kept.

Thoughtful Features

Many people dislike the idea of mirror cabinets as they think they’ll constantly be getting finger marks on there from opening and closing the door. However, the majority of our bathroom mirror cabinets include little door tabs which means you can open and close the cabinet doors without touching the glass at all! Best of all is that they’re barely noticeable and it will save you a lot of cleaning, especially if you need everything to be spotless all the time.

Quality Fittings

Whilst all of our mirrors are affordable; we also take pride in ensuring our products are made with only the highest quality materials. Reinforced, safety glazed glass makes the mirror doors resilient, safe and easy to clean and the cabinets are all constructed with a focus on strength and durability. Therefore you can rest assured that the mirror cabinets you buy from us will stand the test of time as well as being easy to maintain and clean along the way.


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